Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome Back Sunshine!

Run Time: 1 hr Run Distance: 6.5 miles Additional: 50 squats, 150 crunches, 3/12 chest press @ 70 lbs

Yesterday was a good workout. I was really worried that it wasn't going to go so well because I had the side stitches before ever entering the gym but I kept positive. Somehow I managed to control them with my breathing and they went away while I was running (yet I had them while walking around all day--odd???) Anyways, I upped my pace to see if I've made any progression in the 3 weeks of having these buggers or if I've degressed. Well...good news. I ran a solid 6.5 miles at a 6.4 pace on the treadmill. Usually I run at about 6.0. So a little bit of an improvement there. The side stitches kicked in to a high degree right as I finished 6.5 miles so thus the reason I didn't keep going. Kind of funny...I had full intention to work on some intervals yesterday but somehow I got sucked into pacing distance because I was home free of side stitches most of the time. Oh what a great feeling.

Then they came back later last night while walking and are still with me this morning. Do realize that I am just referring to these things as "side stitches". I'm not entirely sure that that is what it is. Guess we'll find out Saturday!

It is beautiful out again today. The plan is to get some cross training done and perhaps a short run today. The goal by the end of the week: 8 mile run. Forecast for this weekend is cold with a chance of more snow so I'm hoping to enjoy the weather a bit too.


chris said...

I find it odd, as you do I am sure, that you are getting these all the time now. It seems obvious that it is something more than common stitches. Keep us posted.

Anonymous said...

Hope the doc on Saturday gives you a good fast-magical solution to get rid of "That which should not be named" so you can enjoy the nice weather!

Kudos on improving your pace!!