Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cold Weather=Packed Gym!

Run Time: 50 min (+ 10 walk) Run Distance: 5.5 miles Additional: 3/15 abductors and adductors @ 80 lbs

My workout yesterday was average. I made it to 5.5 but that isn't really where I wanted to be. But okay for a first of the week run. Again, for records sake when I come to look at the progression of my blog later...it was side stitches. I know you guys are sick of hearing about them but I have finally scheduled a doctor's appt with a sports medicine physician on Saturday.

The gym was like a madhouse yesterday. Every piece of cardio equipment was taken most of the time I was there. Luckily upon my arrival it wasn't quite as busy and I snagged a treadmill before the masses came. I don't know why it bugged me so much, but this older guy came and got on the treadmill next to me. He appeared to be an avid runner so kudos to him for that. BUT...he was a really loud runner. His feet pounded the treadmill so hard that I swear he could have worn a hole in it. He wasn't an enormous guy either so I don't quite understand it. I like to be able to hear my own feet tap on the treadmill so that I can feel the ryhythm but I couldn't even hear my own feet! His pace was much greater than mine too so I was waiting for those peaceful moments when he needed a rest. I'm sure this is just me being wierd. I don't even know why it bugged me so much...and my only solution is that I couldn't hear my own feet...lol

I had planned on doing some ab work but ever corner of the gym was packed. There was some class going on as well that was spread around every floor space doing some odd butt in the air move that I'd never seen. So I finished with my weight lifting and high tailed it out of there.

Anyways, I really hope it gets warm outside. I need to be training outside at least a bit more so that I am prepared for the 5k that I'm running in 2 weeks...


chris said...

I am glad to hear that you finally scheduled that appointment. Keep us posted.

If you are running 5.5 miles, you will have no problem with the 5K...hopefully you won't have to deal with the stitches during the race.

There was an article in this months Runner's World about unhealthy running habits and slamming your feet down is one of those. You use more energy and it is bad for your body. People who do this can be taught the proper way to land with a little training. Maybe you can offer him some advice...he would probably think you are nuts, but it would sure be funny.

Terri (Middle-of-the-Pack Girl) said...

I know the feeling - it's been raining a lot lately here (and kind of raw outside) so I've been inside doing other stuff, and yes, when I get there, every treadmill, every stairmaster/"escalator to nowhere" as I call it, was taken. Then I'm fighting high school boys to get onto the weights. So I empathize with you. This, too, shall pass (hopefully!)

Oh, and I've been next to people on treadmills that have just irked me too for some reason or another, enough to the point where I find myself praying they'll get off soon because I just find myself getting nervous next to them! So you're not alone.

Good luck on your 5K!

EmLit said...

I have definitely been bothered by loud runners in my time on treadmills in a variety of places! When I am running, I like to be in tune with my body and if that includes any noises, I like them to be the sound of my own feet--it is always a little tiring to be subjected to someone else who is making so much noise! And yeah, like Chris says, it definitely isn't the best way to run. Not so good for your body!