Monday, January 10, 2011

Back in the Groove (Tentative Race Schedule 2011)

Finally starting to get back in the groove with a steady workout schedule.  I have been taking a few classes at Lifetime and have enjoyed the exploration!  I go to Zumba every week with Andy's sis-in-law and it has been a blast.  I'm not very coordinated nor am I a great dancer but it has been fun.  I went to a spinning class this weekend that really kicked my butt.  I was so exhausted a the end!  I think I will attempt to make that one a weekly thing as well.

Everything seems to be falling into place as far as my race schedule goes.  I am so excited!  I am hopefully running at least one full marathon and quite a few half marathons this year.  Tentative race schedule below:

March 19- Get Lucky 7k
May 1 or 7- General Mills Run of the Mills (5k)
June 5- Minneapolis Half Marathon (w/ Andy!!!)
July- Lindstrom Loppet
June 25- Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon (little bro stationed nearby w/ Army)
Oct. 23- Rock N Roll St. Louis Full Marathon

I am also debating whether I want to attempt the Twin Cities Marathon on Oct. 2 so close to the St. Louis.  I may just try to enter into the 10 mile again or just volunteer.  I love that marathon though!  Also hoping to make it down to some other races in the midwest.  But these are my big races.