Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Running to Nowhere

Running is probably one of the only things that I can give myself credit for lately.  Usually I leave these sort of conversations for my "Ramblings of Rachel" blog but honestly that blog is dead and I need to do some venting.

I should just say that I've been exercising regurarly.  Not neccesarily running.  Although, I do try to at least get a mile in during every workout.   I did start some strength training that really seems to help my running along as well.  I've been trying out new classes (zumba, dancing, cycling) and new machines in the gym.  I love my gym time.

I don't love the rest of my day. I finished student teaching in December and went back to my old job at the library. Honestly, it is just a bad fit.  I want to be teaching.  I want to be doing something other than spending 2 hours of my day driving to and from work and $3.75 in parking.  I want to be doing something where people aren't calling me to tell me that "this" or "that" isn't working or that "so and so" is doing something that they don't like and can I deal with it?  I wake up every morning and wish I could just not go to work. 

Then sometimes I feel like I'm constantly waiting.  I don't want to talk specifics here because you all might think I'm silly.  But leaving a large part of your future in someone else's hands probably lends itself to the silliness.

Anyways, so running is really my outlet right now.  I've planned a few trips surrounded around running and visiting my little brother who is in the Army.  I will be headed out to Seattle in June to run the Rock N Roll Seattle half marathon and that should be a good time.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Back in the Groove (Tentative Race Schedule 2011)

Finally starting to get back in the groove with a steady workout schedule.  I have been taking a few classes at Lifetime and have enjoyed the exploration!  I go to Zumba every week with Andy's sis-in-law and it has been a blast.  I'm not very coordinated nor am I a great dancer but it has been fun.  I went to a spinning class this weekend that really kicked my butt.  I was so exhausted a the end!  I think I will attempt to make that one a weekly thing as well.

Everything seems to be falling into place as far as my race schedule goes.  I am so excited!  I am hopefully running at least one full marathon and quite a few half marathons this year.  Tentative race schedule below:

March 19- Get Lucky 7k
May 1 or 7- General Mills Run of the Mills (5k)
June 5- Minneapolis Half Marathon (w/ Andy!!!)
July- Lindstrom Loppet
June 25- Rock N Roll Seattle Half Marathon (little bro stationed nearby w/ Army)
Oct. 23- Rock N Roll St. Louis Full Marathon

I am also debating whether I want to attempt the Twin Cities Marathon on Oct. 2 so close to the St. Louis.  I may just try to enter into the 10 mile again or just volunteer.  I love that marathon though!  Also hoping to make it down to some other races in the midwest.  But these are my big races.