Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hydration Belt and Welcome Amanda!

Run Distance: 7 miles, Run Time: 1 Hour 5 Min

I got a decent tempo run in tonight at the gym. It was kind of warm because there were no fans around me but I told myself that it wasn't near as hot as that fitness center in Daytona and I was fine.

When I got home, my roommate Amanda and I went to the TC Running Company to look for some running gear. I bought my very first hydration belt, the Nathan Speed 2. I was debating between that one and a Fuel belt that only held 16 oz rather than 20. I liked the way the Fuel Belt felt better but the Nathan just held more water. So I settled with the Nathan (after some encouragement from Amanda).

Anyway, big news here! I would like to introduce you all to my roommate, Amanda. She will be running the Kansas City Marathon with me. I highly encourage you to check out her blog at She is new at blogging and would like to get a good network of runners.

One and a half weeks!

I don't have a run to report because I took yesterday as a rest day. BUT I do have some jitters to report. My race day is only 1.5 weeks away for my half marathon!! While most people would be worried about the race itself and performance, I will tell you that 65% of my worry resides here: YIKES! Luckily, the deadline for collecting funds is Oct. 9, 10 days prior to my marathon. BUT...I'd still like to see some more support from those who KNOW how Nuerofibromatosis strikes. (And those with sympathy or even some fellow runners). I want to help find a cure for this bad boy. Anyways...despite being nervous over that whole gig...I am a teeny bit nervous about my performance as well. I'm thinking of this run as halfway to my marathon...but I will tell you somedays I have my doubts (11 mile hellish run earlier this week!). Oh! And Andy probably won't be accompanying me to my marathon because he has to usher a wedding (sad). Now the real challenge will be to stay focused with even one more less in the crowd to watch me...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

11 Miles of Mishaps

Run Distance: 11.3 Miles Run Time: 2 Hours, 12 minutes

Yes it did take me an incredibly long time to finish those 11 miles yesterday. I will contribute it to the following:

1) I misjudged the weather after coming from Florida. What I thought was "manageable weather" really turned out to be 90 degrees and some awful humidity (so really it felt like mid-90s with the stickiness).

2) My runs in Florida were all treadmill. Somehow the pavement back under my feet was not quite agreeing with my legs.

3) Did I mention it was hot?!

4)Pain in Multiple Forms

5) Needing to use the restroom and having no restroom around!

Anyways, so I made it through the first 5.5 miles alright at a decent pace. Probably 9:00 or so. I was too focused to actually check so I can't be accurate on that estimate. It was impressive that I actually even made it that far considering my feet and legs were in pain after mile 2 (quite unusual for me). But I kept on. At Mile 5.5, I decided that maybe taking a little walking break would really help get me through the entire 11. I'd never experienced so much pain through a run before but I was determined to finish. Actually I didn't have a choice...I was 5.5 miles out from home and no cell phone. Oh and prior to this whole walking thing...I had to use the bathroom but there are no restrooms around. I walked for maybe .25 of a mile and then decided that I needed to run again. I ran for probably another half mile before feeling like I really really needed to use the restroom. Stopping for that walk probably was not a good idea. I became very thirsty as well. So not only am I needing a bathroom but I also need some water. (I know...I need to buy a hydration belt). I proceed for the next couple of miles in this condition with a walk/run combo. I started to feel really sick after awhile and ended up with a really long walk until I hit a bathroom at a gas station that was just off my trail. Used the bathroom and then realized I had no money to buy water. So I left in a jiffy and attempted to run the rest of the way home. I ended up with a few more walking pauses but at least I made it...eventually. I got home and seriously felt like puking. It was probably the worst long run I have ever had. I think my mistake began with that first walk. I usually always tell myself I can't walk because it makes it harder to run but I really thought it would help me make it the distance. I don't think I could ever be a Galloway runner. Those walk breaks kill the rest of my run. That and it didn't help that it was so hot outside and I had no water. I think I'm going to attempt to get a hydration belt before my 12 miler on Friday.

OH!! And I ended up with battle wounds! I burned my leg in Florida and it was starting to heal. Well somehow I think my sweat from my run got stuck underneath of my skin or something. I'm not entirely sure what happened. I ended up with bubbles of stuff (sweat?) all over my leg, nothing I have ever seen. And they weren't exactly poppable either. It was quite gross. They seeped out eventually and my leg has returned to normal status but it was pretty sick for awhile.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to the Grind

Florida was absolutely stellar for the most part. We got in a lot of beach time (but somehow immediately upon arrival in "tan" went away). I prefer to think it's the lighting...bad lighting up here. j/k! A fair skinned lady such as myself tends to burn fortunately I left with little redness. While we were there...we hit up the Daytona Speedway (fun but probably not something you need to do twice in your lifetime). We also rented some jetskis and quickly found out that Daytona Beach is probably not the best place to do the jetskis. They have prohibited them from the ocean so you basically have a 2 mile area to jet ski in the river. Not a whole lot of extra scenery to look at for an hour in a 2 mile area. We also went to the Ponce Inlet lighthouse and climbed to the top. Andy was quite frightened (200 ft) up but it was a good time. Anyways, on with what this blog is really about...the runs...and then the reason behind why my long run is missing...(sad)

Run 1- 3 Miles

Run 2- 3 Miles

Run 3- 8 miles

Run 4- 3 miles

I was supposed to have an additional 11 mile run in there. But you see...our 5 star condo decided that they would start to slack once they changed management. The fitness center was unbearable. The air conditioner was broken through Wednesday and it was nearly impossible to make it through 3 miles even. They equipment was disgusting. Instead of having a disinfectant spray and paper towels, they told people to wipe machines off with towels. Have you ever heard of such a thing? I was like...yea...I'm going to smear all of my sweat all over this machine for the next person. Great. And I will say that I was sweating...alot. By the end of those 3 mile runs, my machine was drenched. I have rarely ever dropped much on a machine, but that one was coated in Rachel sweat. But anyways, enough of that grossness. So they finally fixed the air conditioner like Wednesday sometime and then I was able to get my 8 mile tempo run in on Thursday. I didn't run on the beach because unfortunately it just appeared way too darn hot for a Minnesota gal. I stepped outside at 8 am every morning and said...Nope just not doing it. least I did get most of my runs done on the treadmill. The 11 miler was pushed for Sunday until we got back so that I didn't have to deal with trying to spend 2 hours of my vacation doing it. Well when I got back...I definetly didn't feel like running 11 miles. So...this is the first time I've skipped a long run. And really I should feel horrible about it...but I'm going to attempt to make it up today and then just have a super hard week this week. I have 12 miler this week as well but I figure if I do it on Friday then I should be alright. I hope anyway.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Leaving...On a Jet Plane

Run Distance: 3 Miles
Run Time: No idea

I DID have the full intention of running my 11 miles yesterday. In fact, I was going to run those 11 miles with my roommate. was stormy and humid outside. So I hit the treadmill. AND...I only made it 3 miles on the treadmill before I decided that it would be better to run the 11 miles today. You can blame the hot gym and Belinda, our weather lady. She said it was supposed to be beautiful today with no humidity. So who could pass that up for an 11 mile run? Tonight I will be taking full advantage of the weather before I race back to my apartment to pack up all of my stuff to go to Florida. So...that being said...if you don't hear from me for is because I am basking in the sun. I may be able to find a computer terminal to give a quick update here and there but I don't plan on sitting at the computer all day.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

3 miler

Run Distance: 3 miles, Run Time: 28:00

Yesterday I was scheduled for a Rest day but took my 3 miler in instead so that I don't have to worry about runs right away when I get to Florida. The 3 miler went well. Followed it up with some weight training and resistance training. I had majorly bad cramps in my legs last night though so I'm not sure how that occured. I only did 3 miles so my legs shouldn't be hurting that bad.

Tonight I have an 11 miler. It is supposed to be really stormy this afternoon so I may be debating on what to do with that one. I'm going to check the forecast and see if any of the upcoming days are better in which I could get a nice solid outdoor run in. If not, then I guess it will be 11 miles on the treadmill. Yuck. AND I forgot my headphones today....oh boy that will make it tough.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

7 Mile Confusion

Run Distance 7 miles, Run Time 1:10:00

So yesterday I was really scheduled to do a 3 miler. But for two reasons I decided to get my 7 miler out of the way:

Reason 1: I was sick of short runs after last week's training week of 5 milers.
Reason 2: My 7 mile run was scheduled for Saturday--the day I fly to Florida. I figured it will be near to impossible to get a run in on that day and so I should move it forward.

Well...I was kind of in a hurry to get my run done with and didn't really pay attention to my schedule other than the number 7 and knowing that it was a speed day. I figured it was probably a 7 mile interval run. I hopped on the treadmill (I'm still battling a cold and it appears to help if I run inside). on the treadmill and did a 1 mile warmup. Then I hit the speed and increased to about a 7:30 min/mile. I then slowed it back down to a normal pace and did this until I was at about 3.5 miles. At that point I had to use the restroom pretty bad so I jumped off the treadmill hurried back and still managed to keep all of my data by the time I got back (and nobody stole my treadmill!!). Anyways, so I did another interval and then I was pretty much shot. I had to quit the interval madness at about 4 miles and just kept up my usual pace for the last 3 miles. It was tough even keeping up my usual pace after all of those intervals.

This morning I checked out my schedule to see what runs I have left. That is when I realized that I really had a 7 mile tempo run scheduled. Which would have not killed me as much!!!

Anyways, tonight I have a measly 3 miler which will be interesting. Then it's my big 11 miler on Wednesday!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Lindstrom Loppet Race Report

Friday I got my five miles in and I can't remember the time. This weekend was jam packed.

Friday night we went to my class reunion. I drank a bit too much or I just got tipsy really fast...which really helped with waking up the next morning to run the 5k right?? Not. I had a big migraine but I knew that once I started running I'd be okay.

The race was pretty low key. It is what "Karl Oscar Days" in my little Swedish hometown and packed with festivities. The start time was scheduled for 8 am but we really didn't take off until like 8:30 or so but it was all okay. After much pleading, my dad decided to run it with me but really ended up walking most of it. I was proud that he actually did it though. I charged ahead and couldn't even believe the time they shouted at me during the 1st mile. I completed my first mile at race time of 8:13. My second mile was completed after 16:30. Then I finished in 26:10. I was so excited!! I probably could have finished even quicker had I not had a small side stitch after Mile 1 with a need to slow down. I still managed to pass all of my neighbors who are all runners. I was shocked when I passed them actually because I figured they'd be way up there. But anyway, I was happy with my finish. I also got to test out those chips for my next race because I hadn't ran a race with chips yet.

Anyways, here are some photos. I'd elaborate more on my incredibly busy weekend but I just don't have a lot of time.

Race Done: Getting my chip off.

I'm the one with the pasty white legs and blue skirt.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Yesterday I took a rest day even though I had planned on moving one of my 5 milers over to that day. I didn't make it out of work until late and I just really didn't feel much like running at that point. I had a sore throat the whole day and pretty much knew what was on the way. You see, I sat in a car for 8 hours with my sick father this weekend when we were driving back from Kansas City. He had a cold and was sneezing his germs all over the place. Well now Andy and I are sick and I hear my mother is too. I HATE being sick. There is probably nothing I hate more. So...I'm overdosing on vitamin C and hoping this clears up fast. I'm definetly still running tonight but praying that this stuff stays at bay by then as well. I have a class reunion to attend and I don't want to be all sniffly for it!

UGH! If one more person passes their germs on to me this summer...I think I'm going to go live in a cave all by myself! J/k!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Shad Ireland

Read this story about an amazing athlete. I'm training for 26.2 miles alone with full usage of my kidneys. I can't imagine doing what he is doing!

Running and Blading

Run Distance: 5 miles, Run Time: 45 minutes

Yetersday's run pretty much rocked. I got my pace down to 9:13 on the TM (usually this only happens outside!). I probably could have done better but I was kind of afraid of pushing too far past my normal TM pace and having to slow it down. But I did end up throwing some incline in there in an attempt to do some hill training. I will tell you though, the treadmill does not appear to be a good place to do hill training. My biggest problem is usually trying to go down a hill after I've just climbed up the other side. My legs feel weaker going down after a large steep climb and it makes me a little nervous. You can't really train for the descent on a treadmill. Anyways, the run on the TM rocked yesterday and I probably could have kept running another 5 but I decided to stick to what Runner's World was telling me to do.

After my run yesterday I went home and rollerbladed with my roommate. We rollerbladed 10 miles and it really didn't feel too bad until we were zoning in on the last 3 or so. My feet started to kill me from being in hardshell boots or something. I wish I could take my rollerblades to Florida but I'm afraid that with the new luggage policies--it would probably cost me an arm and a leg to bring unneccary equipment.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The 5 Milers

Run Distance: 5 miles, Run Time: 45 minutes

Yesterday I completed my first of 5-5 mile runs this week. Really odd that my training schedule only has 5 mile runs but I'm guessing that it is a "chill" week before I hit a hard week next week. I kind of like the structure that Runner's World gave me of having this more relaxed weeks right before they increase my mileage, but at the same time, it's so wierd to only run 5 miles every day. Yesterday my body was like "dude, why are we stopping??"

Well...that could be attributed to another reason--the long hiatus I had this weekend. I've decided that I will avoid the whole rescheduling of the schedule in order to have multi-days off again. I'm pretty sure my legs were disciplining me for my actions yesterday. I had major cramps in my right leg all day long. Or maybe not even cramps. It was like shooting pain from my knees to my ankles all day. It stopped after I ran--thank goodness! But that definetly tells me that taking my rest days consecutively like that was not good. Although, my run was great so it didn't really impact that.

Anyways, I do have a small 5k scheduled for this weekend. It is Karl Oscar Days in Lindstrom and so therefore I will be running in my hometown. The bummer part of it though--my class reunion is the night before. So I'm somehow going to have to leave that early enough so that I can arise early enough to get to the race.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Thursday's Run Distance: 6 miles

I returned from Kansas City at approximately 1:30 AM last night (or rather this morning). I am extremely tired as I had to wake up at 5:30 AM because I had some stuff at work to do and had to get there early. So now I am trying my hardest to chug along.

This weekend was alright. It felt really wierd not doing any runs on the weekend as I had strategically finished them all earlier in the week. It was hot and muggy in Kansas City on Sunday so I'm very happy I didn't have a Sunday run there. And in case you are on the edge of your seat wondering--yes I did drive the marathon course to see what it was like. I would say there are 2 major hills and alot of smaller hills. I have climb one hill at approximately the 2 miler mark that looks quite steep. I really am kind of wishing I'd make up my mind sooner and done the Twin Cities right about now. But I'll survive. My family is all prepped and ready to go for my marathon.

I may be postponing my 5 mile run tonight because of the need to do alot of stuff when I get home. But we'll see what happens. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Yes I know two blogs in one day but I had to get on this one before I have nobody to tag like the last time. Just make sure you don't miss my real running blog for the day below this one!

Chris has tagged me to write six random things about myself:

1. I have lived in more states and cities than I can count on two hands or rather than I can remember.

2. I have worked at a few television and radio stations in the Twin Cities area and anchored a few shows.

3. My boyfriend's dog, Duke, likes to chew on my arm.

4. I absolutely love laying out on the beach.

5. I broke my pinky toe on my right foot twice in freak accidents. The second time it was sticking out from my foot and now it is always a red color and a bit larger than normal.

6. I really suck at multitasking and frequently get "scatterbrain" while communicating and completing tasks.

I have to tag 6 people : Emilie,alien, Suebob, Irish Cream , Miss Ally Cat and Don. Here are the rules:
link to the person who tagged you.
post the rules on your blog.
write six random things about yourself.
tag six people at the end of your post.
let each person know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog
let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Have fun!

The 10-Miler that Whooped Me

Run Distance: 10 Miles Run Time: 1 Hr 45 Min

So once upon a time there was this girl named Rachel. She decided to set out on 4 straight runs in one week when normally her schedule calls for a rest/cross training day in between. On the third day, she was ready to run 10 miles. It was absolutely gorgeous outside with a nice beautiful breeze. She could smell barbecue, flowers, a strange odor of coffee, and many other beautiful summer smells as she journeyed on her 10 mile trail run through the towns of Hopkins and St. Louis Park. Her pace was steady at about 9:30 for the first 5 miles and started to decline to around 9:40-9:55 during the last 5 miles. She had put music on her I-Pod the night before and was excited to get her run in with music. The music was really helping her keep up pace and she felt like she could conquer the world. The last 2 miles became a little tough as she ended up stopping at 2 stoplights and throwing off her rhythm but she was bound and determined to reach her final destination. Everything was going great...until the instant she stepped in her doorway and had to stop running. She was immediately struck with exhaustion. Despite the need to relax, she did some stretches and hit the shower to get rid of her stinkiness. While in the shower, she realized that her chest was burning and peered down to figure out why. She had read alot about this "chestal chafing" from the sports bra but had neglected to ever believe that it could happen to her. Now she was looking down at two red marks on her chest that were stinging from the water. After showering, she decided to lay on the couch and watch tv for awhile before bed. She felt like it would take a crane to move her feeble body from that location. Eventually it was time for bed but for some reason her mind didn't want to sleep. All night long her body was tossing and turning because she couldn't get into a deep enough sleep. And now tonight she has another 6 miles to run...oh how will she make it???

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Antsy for Vacation

Running Distance: 6 miles Running Time: 60 minutes and some change

Yesterday I started my morning with the idea that I would do my 6 mile tempo run that afternoon. Well, by lunchtime I realized that the 6 mile easy run (combining my two 3's) was going to be best. I have a 10 miler today and it seems that if I push too hard the day before it makes for a very tough 10 miler with leg cramps and the like. I think I really need to find some new stretches because my legs seem to seize up on these back to back running days.

Anywho, I'm getting super excited about my trip to Kansas City this weekend. My cousin really wants me to run with her but I've kind of already scheduled all of my runs this week so I may end up going on a "fun run" with her this weekend. The vacation that I'm really excited for is Florida in 2 1/2 weeks! It's going to be tough finding running spots because we are right on the main strip in Daytona. I might do a beach run one morning because the sand is pretty flat down there (they roll it or something?). The bulk of my runs will probably be on the treadmill though because I'm kind of paranoid about running around Daytona all by myself for the fear of my safety. Anyways, if any of you have been to Daytona and have any great suggestions for runs or things to do--let me know! We've been many times (my parents own timeshare there) but I feel like there is always more to learn about an area.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

5 More Weeks to Go!

Run Distance: 4 miles

I only have 5 more weeks until my half marathon...yikes! I ran into my old boss yesterday, whom I'd asked to run this half marathon with me, and she pointed out that the course was "too hilly". Somehow in all of the descriptions that I read, I missed the "hilly" portion. So...I went on a search yesterday afternoon and found that dreaded word. So now I am not only running the hilly Kansas City Marathon course, but also a hilly half marathon course. Blah!! What did I get myself into? Oh how I hate hills!!

I've decided to shuffle my runs up this week due to the busy weekend. I'm scheduled to run 5 runs including 3 miles, 10 miles, 3 miles, 6 mile tempo, and 4 miles. So...I hit the 4 mile yesterday because I didn't know yet what I was going to do about those 3 milers and I just got done running 10 the other day. So I think I'm going to double up my 3 milers and do a 6 on Thursday so that I can just get them out of the way. As nice as a 3 miler looks right about now, I don't have time to devote that extra day to finding a running spot in Kansas City.

Oh and I now have finally joined the I-Pod with music club. Although very little of it is my music and is instead my old roomie's music because I have yet to re-load mine on the computer after a fatal computer issue. You would think I-Tunes would come up with an easier way to recover all of your music after your computer dies. Anyhow, I also uploaded my runs but for some reason all of June's runs are missing out of my I-Pod. I don't know what to do about that whole issue. Hopefully I'll figure it all out soon.