Thursday, April 17, 2008

The monster is back...

Run/Walk Time: 30 minutes Other: bike 15 min, eliptical 15 min, chest press 3/15 @ 70 lbs

Yesterday....was disappointing....again. Yes, the side cramp continued. It not only continued, it got worse. I started out running at a good pace, feeling great. I thought that for sure the coast was clear. Then it hit me. A small ache in the side. I figured I definetly could manage this one so I tried to do the breathing exercises. It helped for a short period of time before the pain got really sharp. Like a knife cutting into my side. So I reluctantly slowed down. Slowing down USUALLY lessens the pain. But in this case the pain got worse to the point of not being able to walk. So then I did some stretching. Walked some more, tried to get it to go away. It lessened a bit and I tried running again. Bad mistake. I then had to tough it out through a walk. I was struggling through a walk. At this point I'm really frustrated and doing everything I can just to finish half an hour with some sort of a challenge (putting incline up, etc).

Anyways I don't know what the issue is but I'm giving it until the end of this week to get resolved or I'm headed for the doc...for serious this time. Thanks Chris for trying to help me figure this one out. Here's the answer to some of those questions. I drink about 4-5 bottles of water throughout the day prior to my run. In fact, usually 1-2 bottles within the hour before. And I eat about 4-5 hours before. I'm wondering if it might be possible actually to drink too much water in this case...but I really haven't a clue anymore. I'm thinking I probably should stop with the self diagnosing and just go to the doc. But we'll see if they go away any time soon. I've talked to someone who has run many marathons and he told me that they happen with until you are fully conditioned. But I've been running on a regular basis for almost a year now. So I don't even know anymore.

Anyways, enough about the evil side cramp. I didn't get my Nano yet, but I'm still debating on whether I'll bite down and buy the Nano or just buy the wrist band when it comes out on Friday. I'm thinking the Nano would be nice to have just to be able to listen to music but I'd also like to be able to train more for races that won't allow the music. So we'll see what happens. I'm thinking the Nano actually seems like a decent investment with the programs and such.

Today I'm hoping for a good run. My mind is there, the legs are there (quite antsy actually), we'll see if the interior region is.


Anonymous said...

Thats too bad!! I'm guessing you already read about it and investigated, but I found this that might help.
for what i read, i think you already did almost everything they advice, except for the last option ('If you continue to experience pain, see your doctor.'). Hope the monster doesn't visit you again today!
Another great thing you get with the nano, is that you can listen to podcasts. There are some really good ones that motivate and give really good info for running. Actually, listening to podcasts when going to the gym is what made me start running, and then inspired me to quit the gym completely and start training for a tri!

chris said...

Not sure if I buy that it is a conditioning thing. When I really started running last December, I was about 20 pounds overweight. I don't remember getting a side stitch or pain of any kind. I think there was a time or two when I might have eaten to close to running and my belly ached a bit but nothing like what you are experiencing. I think it might be time to visit the doctor--just to be on the safe side in nothing else.

I agree with Alien--get the Nano. You can still get the Band, but I think you will get more benefit from the Nano. I think the band will be perfect for the races, but you will do a whole lot more training than racing.

Keep us posted on the stitches!