Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cheering for 6

Yesterday's Run: 6 miles- 1 hour

Another 6 miler down! Honestly, I never imagined I would be thrilled about getting 6 miles down but it seems like that is the trend lately. It was a little struggle. I walked for 3 minutes of that 6 miler but I finished it.

On that note, I was contemplating a half marathon on May 31st (Minneapolis Half Marathon) but I just don't know if I'm quite ready. If only I had thought of this earlier, I would have amped up my training. It turns out I can't do the 12k in Stillwater the week before because I am hoping to get Andy camping that weekend.

BUT, I think I might at least have one race scheduled soon. My dad wants to run the Run of the Mills 5k sponsored by General Mills during the first weekend of May. It is exclusive to General Mills employees and their families. My little brother has also shown some interest as well which is really exciting. I'd love to have a new racing buddy. My friend Amy has also taken some interest in running lately so I may actually have more people to race with soon!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Setting the Schedule

Yesterday's Run: 3 miles Bike: 2 miles. Crunches: 150

Blah. Yesterday's run was a bummer. I had to walk during a few stetches because I had a little bit of side stitches. I was so excited going into the gym. I really wanted a 6 miler. We'll see what happens tonight.

I've been attempting to try to set some races up for this spring and summer. I want to get a good amount of running in before training for the marathon so that I can make sure my knees are ready. This way I know if I should spend the $95 to run it or not! Although registration begins on the 17th of April so I'm guessing I'll end up spending it anyhow.

I am currently contemplating doing the Stillwater 12K. It is a newer race but the same city that I completed my half marathon in last year. I would really like to do the half marathon but I don't think I have enough time to train for it as it is only 9 weeks away. I could easily pick up in a training schedule right now but I think that my body isn't quite ready to start training for a half.

I've also been looking at doing these races:

Running of the Pigs 5k April 19 (You get a Saints game ticket with this one!)
Get in Gear 10K April 25 (Only problem with this one is I remember the horrendous weather these runners had to deal with last year!)
St. Michael River Run August 16: This one takes place in Andy's territory and it sounds like fun little race.

I will for sure be doing the Lindstrom Loppet in July again this year. Andy and my dad are both supposed to run it alongside me.

Anyways, if you have any experience with the above races, give me your input! These are still temporary in case I find races I like better during the same weeks.

NOTE: Also now contemplating adding in some biking and completing the Minneapolis Duathlon. Only problems with that it is midway through my marathon training and I will probably already have some long runs scheduled then. Also, my bike is a mountain bike and I haven't really been on it all that much. Thinking I will need to invest in a new bike so I don't look quite so much like a duck on the course. I'll have to think long and hard about this event.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

I had Friday off of work because it was a "Floating Holiday" so I headed to the gym. Got in a good 1/2 hour on the eliptical and then hopped on the treadmill for another half.

Andy and I headed to the gym late on Sunday night and got a small workout in.

Lately my knees have been bugging me at odd times. I could be just sitting around or I could be on one of the machines at the gym. I'm hoping that this just has to do with my lack of amped up activity lately. I've gotten a lot of workouts in but I've had more "off days" then I would like.

The weather was beautiful this weekend--in the 60s. Today it is not so nice. Super windy--my car door kept slamming on me this morning as I tried to get out. It is also wet and dreary. I plan on going to the gym tonight. Hopefully next week is better (it is supposed to rain and snow all this week).

Oh! New revelations on my left missing toe nail. It has decided to grow into the toe so I think I'll be headed to the doc sometime soon. I'll also be looking for some new running shoes soon because I've been running the "suspects" to the crime of taking away my toe nail.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why I Started Running

Quick synopsis of Yesterday's Run

Yesterday I ran a little over 4 miles and then biked some at the gym. The wind was pretty fierce outside so I decided to go to the gym rather than attempt an outdoor run. My legs are still a little sore from running outside but I'm sure they will be good as new with a few more outdoor runs on them.

Why I started Running

I recently read a bunch of stories on Steve's blog that made me think about my story. Why did I begin running?

Really, it started with a broken heart. I asked my high school crush to prom and he denied me. I felt that it was because I had gained weight and was a shocking 210 pounds. I felt that I needed to lose the weight. Not particularly to get the crush to like me, but to get any guy at the time to like me. Kind of a silly reason now, but one that at least motivated me to get moving.

I started with walking on the treadmill. I quickly realized that I wasn't a walker and that walking wasn't helping me lose any weight. I moved up to running on the treadmill pretty quickly, a little too quickly. My knees killed me instantly and I thought it was the treadmill. My mom took me into the doctor and she told me I needed to keep going. She gave me a prescription that aided in my weight loss and I continued on my way.

I ran at least 5 days a week for at least an hour on the treadmill for months. I quickly started to see the pounds shed off of me. I went from a size 18 to a size 10 by the end of it all. People at work started to notice my weight loss and asked me how I did it. It seemed so easy to me. Just run on the treadmill. I was already a pretty healthy eater but I cut back on my portions. When I went to college, my doctor took me off of my medication. She told me that I was a special case and that most people don't ever find the motivation to actually lose weight. She told all of the people at the clinic about me (my mom works there as well so she saw her often).

When I started college, I found the time every now and then to make it over to the gym. I would battle the crowds to get on the treadmill with a 30 minute time limit. I was always frustrated that I couldn't just run for an hour like I did at my parent's house. My gym visits cut back as I got busier and busier. Somehow all of the walking around campus still allowed me to lose even more weight. I was finally happy in my own skin.

Later in my college years I started to notice a small amount of the weight come back on. Maybe at the most 5-10 pounds. I didn't feel comfortable and so I decided to join Anytime Fitness rather than dealing with the University's gym. I started to run more and more. I began reading about running and started to really enjoy it. Last year, I took my runs outside. I loved the spring air and the smells of flowers blooming. My speed increased and I started to really feel like a runner. I started running in races and became completely addicted. I loved to get ready for a race. I quickly increased my mileage and went from a 5k to a marathon in one year. The distance increase was probably way too quick, but I yearned to finish the marathon. I wanted to prove that I could do it. And there is no feeling that compares to crossing the finish line of your first marathon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Love of the Outdoors

Andy and I had a great time in Colorado. I didn't get a whole lot of running in though. Actually I didn't get a single run in. Oh was good time spent with the relatives. I guess Trailridge was closed so we didn't really get to show Andy the mountain like I wanted to. We went to Estes Park and Andy was bummed that we suckered him into shopping. We also visited the Red Rocks Ampitheatre and Black Hawk Casino. I'll add some pictures below.
When we got back to Minnesota on Sunday, the weather was in the 60s. Kind of a jump from the -6 that it was when we left. Anyways, yesterday I took advantage of the nice weather and got my first outdoor run in of the season. I knew the pavement was going to be an adjustment on my knees so I took it kind of easy. I think I got 3-4 miles in. I didn't wear my I-Pod so I'm not entirely sure. But I think I remember that point in my run being about 3 or 4 miles last year. My knees are a little sore today but I figure that they will get better as I add more outdoor runs on. Actually, hopefully we start to smell the grass turning green so that I can really enjoy my runs outside!!
Here are the pictures from Colorado:
Andy and I at the Red Rocks Ampitheatre.

This girl was running up and down the stairs in the Ampitheatre. Quite cool.

Andy and I at Sing Sing.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Moon Dogs

So at least we get some sort of fascinating reward for our negative temps today:

Just wanted to share this piece of ironic beauty with you all before I jet out of here for warmer temps.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Time, No Time

It appears this week I am low on time. I got a small 45 minute "half-eliptical" workout in yesterday. I wanted to do more, but I wanted to leave time to run my errands as well. Today is Andy's birthday so I am headed straight out there to prepare dinner for him. I'm hoping I have time to get at least a little workout in later tonight with Andy. We leave for Colorado on Thursday, so after that it is kind of up in the air as to whether I will get any other runs in.

We are bracing for another snow storm up here in Minnesota today. I am hoping that next week I can attempt some outdoor runs. We'll see if we have any warm weather to thaw out what nature leaves us today.

I promise some more exciting blogs someday soon.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

5 More Down

I seem to be lacking on recording my runs this week. I did some 3 milers and some eliptical work on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday I actually got a 5 miler in...yay!

Less than a week until I leave for Colorado. I've come across a small dilemma. We are flying Northwest and they now have a luggage fee to check your luggage. I am being somewhat stubborn with this extra fee and have decided to carry on my luggage. Thus I need to hamper down my regular packing practices. Usually I end up taking enough clothes for 2 weeks if I am only going for 4 days. I think that usually comes down to the fact that I was in mid-training for a marathon last time I travelled. Thus I needed all of my marathon training gear and a fresh pair of running clothes for each run.

This time I think I am going to at least pack one pair of running clothes. I don't know how much running I will honestly get in out there. I guess it depends on what is planned for each day (We are only there for the weekend).