Monday, April 7, 2008


Abbreviated Friday's Workout: 1 hour of Running, elipticals, and bike. Additional abductors and adductors.

Saturday Workout: Dance video with a friend, Lifting on arms

Somehow I've wound up with a sore throat and I feel rather weak. But hopefully I will still be able to stamp out a workout tonight. I have kind of a hectic busy week with work. Monday and Tuesday I am training for the University's new financial system. So I am in Minneapolis instead of close to my gym in St. Paul. I also have to go take care of a few animals (my roommates and the bf's). So it's going to be interesting juggling this workout but I think that I'll make it work somehow. Tommorrow I have training as well but then I have to go to orientation for my master's program as I will start classes this weekend. It's going to be a rather stressful week but I'm determined to get some mileage in.

I am also looking to recruit people to run the Race for the Cure with me. So far I've got a lot of maybes but hopefully I'll find some more takers soon.

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