Friday, April 25, 2008

The Big Decision

Elipticals: 30 Minutes, 3/15 Abductors @ 90 lbs, 3/15 adductors @ 80 lbs

Kind of a pathetic workout yesterday but there were numerous reasons behind that. One of which being that my side stitch issue must not be soley a side stitch issue. I had side pains all day yesterday whenever I would walk anywhere. It could be a short jaunt to the bathroom and the side was aching. So I took it easy and just got on the elipticals. The elipticals started to increase the pain at the half hour mark so I hopped off and just did some weight lifting. The side ache is still here today but I'm going to do my best to get a run in.

I think I've decided to take Chris's great idea of doing the marathon next year. I'm really quite swamped right now and I'd rather focus on getting some shorter races in before I hit the big 26.2 miler! But definetly look for it next year! I will probably be doing the Twin Cities 10 miler if I'm selected from the lottery or a 25k.

Weather is really crappy here today and this weekend. We have the potential for snow and have temperatures in the 30s-40s. Yea, snow. GRRRR! Maybe this is why I have a neverending headache? The games the weather is playing right


chris said...

As you know, I was in Montana this week and it cold and snowy. I certainly did not pack right. It sucked. Glad to be home now, though.

So when is your appointment with the doctor?

EmLit said...

I wish I had some insight into the side stitches problem, since it seems like you have tried a lot of different things and it won't go away. Have you spoken to an exercise physiologist or a sports medicine doc?