Friday, April 30, 2010

SORE Muscles

I don't know what it is about last weekend but the pain seems to keep carrying through...

After the race my legs were pretty sore on Saturday. Sunday I helped my parents tear down a shed.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday my legs felt as stiff as a board. I realize I forgot to stretch after the race (which is somewhat unusual for me) but I wasn't expecting this kind of soreness to last for so long!!

Finally last night I did intervals on the treadmill and the soreness in my legs seemed to have finally gone away. Only to realize I had a new sort of soreness. In my arms! I thought I would start adding some Wii Fit on top of my regular training on Wednesday night and I've been paying for it ever since. My arms feel like they can barely stretch out straight.

I was thinking about investing in a Stick or a roller. I don't know how well that might help with these sorts of issues because I've never had stiffness or soreness impede future workouts. Whenever I get sore, it never seems to slow me down too much but this week the legs would barely move!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Get in Gear 10k Race Report

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I wouldn't exactly say it was my best race ever. I woke up on Saturday morning to rain and it continued all the way until after I crossed the finish line. I wasn't entirely sure how I wanted to dress for the rain and made my first mistake with this race before I even stepped foot out of my front door. I decided to wear a pair of athletic pants instead of shorts and would later regret it. Mistake #2 was not leaving enough time to drive down to the race. The race was held in Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis and there was parking at the nearby Vet Medical Center and shuttles to take people to the park (1 mile). Unfortunately, there were 8,500 other people trying to get parked and ready for this race. I had no idea that this race was so large. I was supposed to be in the park at 8:30 to meet up with the rest of the NF Endurance Team but we were stuck in traffic on the way to the parking lot. We parked right around 8:30 and I figured if I ran the entire way instead of taking the shuttle (and waiting in the massive line for the shuttle), I might make it to the park by 8:40 when the team took a picture. However, that didn't quite happen. I barely made it before they started announcing to get behind the start line. I lost Andy during my race to the start line as well. The start line shoot was packed and I had to stand to the side of the crowd to let everyone by before I joined the crowd.

The beginning of the race was really packed. I found myself doing a lot of weaving in and out of people just to try to find my own pace. Somehow I think I got carried away and ended up starting out a little fast (yes--again!). I was feeling great up until about the 4 mile mark. It was somewhere around that point that I felt a great loss of energy. I felt like I'd just finished 10 miles instead of 4 and had to keep telling myself to keep moving. I was not
going to let myself stop but my speed was steadily decreasing as everyone zipped past me. I felt like my stomach was going to eat itself and like the bagel I had eaten that morning had somehow quickly burned away during the first 4. I kept on trucking though--knowing that the finish is what mattered and not the way my legs were burning or the way I felt like I could take a nice nap at any moment. Eventually I saw the park up ahead and we ducked through a tunnel where the half marathoners and 10k runners parted ways. I was surprised to see Andy standing in the tunnel to cheer me on. He took my jacket from me and I tol
d him I'd see him at the finish. This is where I should have actually told Andy exactly where to meet him as we ended up playing a nice game of "Where's Waldo" at the finish area.

As I came through the finish, I saw multiple NF Endurance Team members in the shoot and was really happy to see them there! There was so much neon y
ellow walking around--absolutely awesome! Anyways, I made it through the finish and got in line for the food where I ran into our team captain- Murray. Talked to him for a little bit and continued searching for Andy. I was starting to get really cold as I was just wearing my NF singlet with no sleeves (and the sopping wet pants). It wasn't too long before Andy found me and we started the 1 mile walk back to the car. Overall-- a fun race with a beautiful course along the river!

Next weekend my cousin is headed up to run the Run of the Mills 5k with my dad, brother and me.

Here is a water logged Rachel...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Biking, Running, and the love of baseball

This weekend Andy and I made the decision to go on a 23 mile bike ride on the Luce Line Trail that goes starts in Plymouth and goes 63 miles west. The portion that we rode was crushed limestone. The ride was quite enjoyable on the way out but at about 18 miles we both needed some extra energy. Andy's speed dropped considerably and by the time we got back he was freezing cold (even though it was warm outside). I told him we needed to get some food in him and that really seemed to help. Next time I think we'll be packing a little snack.
Anyways, the next day I had a scheduled 8 mile run. My legs were still pretty sore from Saturday's bike ride and I dreaded the run all day long. Finally it hit about 5:00 and I knew I needed to just get out there. Once I started moving, the 8 miles flew right by. My knees were bugging me on Monday though so I decided to take it easy and not force an extra run in on Monday.

Last night I got out of class early and managed to get my 4 miler done at the gym (as it was dark outside). My speed has improved greatly and that run felt awesome. I guess I haven't really been paying much attention to my speed lately because I've been relying on Andy's bike computer to tell me the distance as he rides along while I run. I may have to get out my Garmin and actually try to figure out how to work it soon.

This weekend is my very first 10k--the Get in Gear 10k. Kind of ironic that I've run practically every other distance but never ran a 10k. I am definetly well prepared for this race so not too concerned. I will be running with the NF Endurance Team--always a good time running w/ my NF teammates!

And tonight....going to see my favorite catcher play in our new ballpark...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Runs are Getting a Little Longer

I actually started writing this blog on Monday and wiped it all out.

7 mile run completed on Sunday. It was actually a great run--beautiful day outside and overall a lovely run.

4 miles on Monday which was also a wonderful run.

Today I'm feeling pretty blah. I have this sore throat/nasal issue that has been going on since November or before winter started. It seems to have gotten worse lately and comes with instant shooting headaches. I went to the doc back in November or whenever it was and she told me it was the changing of the seasons (at that time it was changing to winter). Now I'm not sure whether I still believe this but I don't want to go back in and make a big deal of nothing. The headaches are the worst of it but I can deal.

On another note--I think I'm going to kick up this whole idea of weight loss again. I feel really out of whack lately because of a little bit of weight gain. Classes are finally winding down and I have time to focus on this issue...hopefully.

On a side note--I had a large chunk of metal fly out from somewhere on the road on Monday. Busted up my windshield and then bounced off the top of my car. Very lucky it didn't actually go through my windshield. Nothing like another stresser to add to my already stress filled life!

Oh and....I have some other news. It looks like our efforts at organizing a race in Kansas City is going to be put on hault until next year as my cousin doesn't have the time to invest in it. We are still going to host some sort of appreciation dinner/benefit dinner in Minnesota.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Registered! (Again!)

There is nothing like the feeling you get when you hit the "Register" button on a race. I just finished registering for the Kansas City Half Marathon. I can't seem to stay away from the KC Marathon race series! October is going to be packed. The first weekend I have to attend a wedding. The second weekend is the Twin Cities Marathon in which I am hoping to get into the 10 mile. The third weekend then would be this race. My cousin and I had talked about running the Monster Dash on the last weekend but I really think that might be a bit much. Plus we have to fit the 5k race we are planning in Kansas City in either September or October.

The weather here is really getting nice and I've really enjoyed being able to run outside. My crazy class schedule is also taming down so it seems as though I have found more time to fit my runs in!

I know this blog is really short. Sorry! I hope to blog about something more organized soon!