Monday, July 12, 2010

Lindstrom Loppet 2010

This weekend I went "home" to visit my parents in Lindstrom and attend the annual Karl Oscar Days events.  Saturday morning, I ran the Lindstrom Loppet.  I've been trying to catch up to my PR for this race for years but have yet to do so.  I still didn't catch it this year, but had a great time running.

This year, nobody was running with me.  Usually at least my dad runs with me.  But he said he was out of shape.  Andy had wanted to run this race with me but he had class so he couldn't come.  Dad dropped me off at the registration area early and then went home as the race runs right by the front of my parent's house.

I registered and then looked around for people I knew.  My old boss found me in the crowd and we chatted for a bit.  Then, I left her to go line up--realizing that I didn't have any place to put the Tshirt that they gave me at regisration.  I had to hold on to it until I got to my parent's house just a little past the 1 mile mark.

It was a bit drizzly for this race which was kind of nice because I didn't have to deal with the heat that hit us later that day.   I started out the race pretty good--finishing my first mile in 8:45.  There are a few big hills near the halfway point in this race that I charged up as I'm quite used to hills along my regular training route. 

As I came around to 2nd mile, I could feel my time slipping  a little.  I was starting to get a bit tired but pushed through it.  I came through the finish in 28:47.  This was 83 out of 347 females and 23rd out of 50 people in my age division.  A bit slower than last year's loppet but faster than my previous 5k for this year which was the Run of the Mills.  It appears that I just keep getting slower and slower.  I need to figure out someway to reverse this pattern!

I promise that is mostly rain glistening my skin--although I was pretty sweaty and stinky!

Also ran a 10 miler on Sunday--it went pretty good.  85 degrees at the start of the run but the clouds came out and I started to feel great!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Next Year

Some may say I'm absolutely crazy.  I've already begun to think about next year's races.  Honestly, there is good reason to this.  I put the limit on myself this year that I would not run a full marathon because I needed to dedicate my time and energy to student teaching and finishing up my classes.  So, I'm getting a bit antsy and dreaming a little. 

So far my dreaming has led me to the following races :

-Marine Corps Marathon  (Would LOVE to do this one next year)
-Grandma's Marathon
-Nike Women's Marathon

In other news...

I smacked my knee yet again and have some bruising and tenderness upon movement. should be clear by now that I am clutzy.  I ran a 5 miler yesterday that turned out alright.  A little bit of pain in the knee in the first mile but good after.

I will be running the Lindstrom Loppet this weekend (5k).  I run this race every year but have yet to beat my first year's PR of 26 minutes. I highly doubt I will beat it this year as I am more out of shape than ever.  BUT I hope to at least do better than my time for the Run of the Mills this year.

I'm assuming my little bro has made it down to Fort Sill and will be doing plenty of running of his own.  Perhaps he will run some races with me next summer if he isn't deployed...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend

This weekend I said goodbye to my little brother as he left for basic training for the Army yesterday.  Kind of wierd to think that I won't see him until Christmas.  Kind of makes me sick to my stomach actually.

This weekend was really hot and humid here in Minnesota.  I ran a 4 mile on Saturday in the middle of the day and I felt like I was going to faint.  Not cool.  I had also planned on trying to fit a 10 miler in somewhere but only managed a little over 7 on Monday.  The run felt about like I was running in a rainforest but was definetly needed as I am a little behind in training for Chicago.

Speaking of Chicago.  We will be running in a little less than a month.  I booked my transportation yesterday and am kind of regretting one of my decisions.  I decided to take the Greyhound out there and then fly back.  Well...I should have read the reviews on Greyhound beforehand.  Just reading the reviews makes me extremely nervous.  Have any of you road Greyhound?  Please someone tell me the horror stories aren't true.  I may be just forfitting my 28 bucks and forgoing another method if I don't hear anything better.  I guess people are mugged and harrassed on these buses frequently according to reviews all over the internet.  I mean I can deal with a little discomfort...but you throw in robbery and craziness and I want out.