Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm a Yuppy

My boyfriend, Andy, calls everything that doesn't have to do with getting yourself dirty, "yuppy."  He even goes as far as calling tent camping "yuppy".  Now I'd probably disagree with him on most of the things he calls "yuppy" but I have to agree with him on my latest adventure.  I've joined a fancy gym.  I left Anytime Fitness (another battle I don't want to cry about) and joined Lifetime Fitness.  I call them a fancy gym because they have fancy wood lockers and marble-like counters.  They have towels for every member. They have a sauna and a whirlpool in their locker rooms.  But let me defend myself here.  They have an indoor track.  And lots of equipment.  And that is the real reason I joined (the other stuff is pretty sweet though!) 

If you haven't figure it out, I finally finished student teaching.  I have time to run again.  Woohoo!  I've already run into a few former students at the gym.  Kind of nice to see them--although probably not my preferred way to run into them.  Anyways, after my running hiatus, it has been interesting trying to get started again.  I gained some weight while not running- go figure!  So I'm now running with some extra poundage slowing me down.  Not cool.  Hopefully it will come off fast...

I'm hoping to try to run the Marine Corps Marathon next year.  Also thinking about the Rock N Roll in St. Louis.  I'll get a more definite list up as the new year rolls around.