Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Attack of the Killer Side Cramp

Run Distance: Very disappointing and untrackable. Run Time: Half an hour if that. Additional: Pilates

So yesterday was rather disappointing. I was SO excited to get an outdoor run in. The weather was nice. A bit windy but I figured that it would just put a little challenge in my kick. I packed my phone and keys into my running pants (I still wasn't quite sure braving shorts was a good idea--I mean we did just have snow last week). We have wonderful trails around the area that I have been exploring on before. I always end up on some trail that dead ends in a corporate office parking lot somewhere though so I am always a little iffy on the trails. roommate had told me that if I took a right out of our apartment rather than a left, I would seek the gold mine of trails. So I took a right. And I was running for a good five minutes when all of a sudden I realize I'm lost in the middle of another apartment building's parking lot. The trail had ended in a parking lot, once again. I notice that I have made no progress as my apartment building is just across the street. I've been running in circles for a good 10 minutes by now. So then, I decide that I'm going to try a different leg of the trail. Two minutes later...guess where I am? BACK in the same parking lot across the street. So by this time I was a little frustrated. The wind was picking up and my ears were freezing. Anyway, I then found a nonpaved trail that went through some woods. I figured that might be a better bet for an adventure rather than parking lot land. Instantly when I stepped foot on this trail however, I ended up with a KILLER side cramp. And this wasn't one that could easily be controlled by breathing. This one was SHARP. So I decided to walk the trail instead. Walking normally helps the whole cramp thing. But it wasn't helping this one. It was still killing me. So after less than half an hour of fooling around outside trying to get a run in, I headed for home. Got home and put in a pilates tape. I hate pilates by the way.

I apologize that story wasn't so great. And coming from an English and journalism major, it was poorly written. But I don't really feel like doing any edits right now.

But anyway, today it's supposed to rain. And I need a good run so I'm going to be running indoors. And perhaps by next week I can really get an outdoor run in. Perhaps.


Anonymous said...

too bad you had those cramps... get well soon!!

You don't like to run when it's raining? I've been dying for rain here for the last month so I can try it out, but it never rains here... it's a perfect sunny day 365 days a year, BORING!! (don't hate me!)

chris said...

Are you plenty hydrated for your runs? Are you running too soon after eating? Do you think it could be something more than just common side stitches? You seem to get them often.

I REFUSE to run in the rain. Ever since my buddy slipped in the rain and broke his nose, running in the rain is strictly forbidden for me!

Did you get your Nano yet???