Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Welcome Back Sunshine!

Run Time: 1 hr Run Distance: 6.5 miles Additional: 50 squats, 150 crunches, 3/12 chest press @ 70 lbs

Yesterday was a good workout. I was really worried that it wasn't going to go so well because I had the side stitches before ever entering the gym but I kept positive. Somehow I managed to control them with my breathing and they went away while I was running (yet I had them while walking around all day--odd???) Anyways, I upped my pace to see if I've made any progression in the 3 weeks of having these buggers or if I've degressed. Well...good news. I ran a solid 6.5 miles at a 6.4 pace on the treadmill. Usually I run at about 6.0. So a little bit of an improvement there. The side stitches kicked in to a high degree right as I finished 6.5 miles so thus the reason I didn't keep going. Kind of funny...I had full intention to work on some intervals yesterday but somehow I got sucked into pacing distance because I was home free of side stitches most of the time. Oh what a great feeling.

Then they came back later last night while walking and are still with me this morning. Do realize that I am just referring to these things as "side stitches". I'm not entirely sure that that is what it is. Guess we'll find out Saturday!

It is beautiful out again today. The plan is to get some cross training done and perhaps a short run today. The goal by the end of the week: 8 mile run. Forecast for this weekend is cold with a chance of more snow so I'm hoping to enjoy the weather a bit too.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cold Weather=Packed Gym!

Run Time: 50 min (+ 10 walk) Run Distance: 5.5 miles Additional: 3/15 abductors and adductors @ 80 lbs

My workout yesterday was average. I made it to 5.5 but that isn't really where I wanted to be. But okay for a first of the week run. Again, for records sake when I come to look at the progression of my blog was side stitches. I know you guys are sick of hearing about them but I have finally scheduled a doctor's appt with a sports medicine physician on Saturday.

The gym was like a madhouse yesterday. Every piece of cardio equipment was taken most of the time I was there. Luckily upon my arrival it wasn't quite as busy and I snagged a treadmill before the masses came. I don't know why it bugged me so much, but this older guy came and got on the treadmill next to me. He appeared to be an avid runner so kudos to him for that. BUT...he was a really loud runner. His feet pounded the treadmill so hard that I swear he could have worn a hole in it. He wasn't an enormous guy either so I don't quite understand it. I like to be able to hear my own feet tap on the treadmill so that I can feel the ryhythm but I couldn't even hear my own feet! His pace was much greater than mine too so I was waiting for those peaceful moments when he needed a rest. I'm sure this is just me being wierd. I don't even know why it bugged me so much...and my only solution is that I couldn't hear my own

I had planned on doing some ab work but ever corner of the gym was packed. There was some class going on as well that was spread around every floor space doing some odd butt in the air move that I'd never seen. So I finished with my weight lifting and high tailed it out of there.

Anyways, I really hope it gets warm outside. I need to be training outside at least a bit more so that I am prepared for the 5k that I'm running in 2 weeks...

Monday, April 28, 2008

And it Snowed.

Friday Run Time: 30 minutes, Elipitcal time :3o minutes

Sorry folks...I can't recall exactly what my workout was like on Friday. And I actually didn't do any additional workout this weekend. I do know that the side stitches were there on Friday and thus the need for the eliptical. And yes I will schedule a doctor's appt. Work is kind of hectic this week but maybe later in the week...

It snowed this weekend. Yea...and not just a little sprinkle of snow either. Although I will say the majority of it did melt within a day. Around our area anyway, up north that's another story. But there was probably a good foot on the ground. Why am I telling you this? Not entirely sure why. Other than the fact that I really do hate cold weather in April!!!! Oh...and it's doing the flaky snow thing I type this. GRRR!

Anyways, today I'm hoping to get a good run in but these days that kind of depends on how well I can control the side pain. So I'll just wish for a good

That blog really was kind of pointless. Hope you all had a great weekend.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Big Decision

Elipticals: 30 Minutes, 3/15 Abductors @ 90 lbs, 3/15 adductors @ 80 lbs

Kind of a pathetic workout yesterday but there were numerous reasons behind that. One of which being that my side stitch issue must not be soley a side stitch issue. I had side pains all day yesterday whenever I would walk anywhere. It could be a short jaunt to the bathroom and the side was aching. So I took it easy and just got on the elipticals. The elipticals started to increase the pain at the half hour mark so I hopped off and just did some weight lifting. The side ache is still here today but I'm going to do my best to get a run in.

I think I've decided to take Chris's great idea of doing the marathon next year. I'm really quite swamped right now and I'd rather focus on getting some shorter races in before I hit the big 26.2 miler! But definetly look for it next year! I will probably be doing the Twin Cities 10 miler if I'm selected from the lottery or a 25k.

Weather is really crappy here today and this weekend. We have the potential for snow and have temperatures in the 30s-40s. Yea, snow. GRRRR! Maybe this is why I have a neverending headache? The games the weather is playing right

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Running Outside vs Treadmill

Run Time: 1 hour?? Run Distance: 5ish miles??

So yesterday I discovered something new. I really need to be doing more runs outside. I hadn't really had a real run outside yet this season (the only one I attempted ended horribly with side stitches). I've had a few short runs with unknown distances that were probably shorter than I really intended, but nothing that was as long as I really wanted to run. Yesterday that changed. I ran around Como Lake in St.Paul and ended up rather drained. The lake is beautiful and a popular spot for people in the city to walk/run/walk their dogs at. Yesterday was a beautiful day so of course there were TONS of dog walkers and really slow walkers in general. I think it's great that these people are getting their move on...but as a runner it becomes quite a hazard to constantly be cut off and have to jump off course. Well, I think somehow I ended up putting a bit too much pressure on my foot during all of these off course road jumps. I started to get some nice side stitches at about 3.5 miles but I kept on running until probably somewhere around 4.5. Immediately when I stopped I realized that I had foot pain. Odd that I didn't feel it while running but I certainly did when walking. It was a big of a long walk back to the car with this foot thing going on. But it wasn't anything that I couldn't handle. Anyways, today I feel like I got hit by a truck. I'm thinking I definetly need to do some more outdoor training to try and get rid of this odd difference between treadmill and outdoor runs. That and I think I may have acquired allergies over the last 2 years? I had a pretty bad headache post run as well. But oh did feel amazing to be outside and running!! Oh and I think I may have gotten a blood blister? I've never had one...but I've got this mean looking red filled blister on my toe. Yuck.

Anyway, this whole run made me realize that I very well might not prepared to run a marathon in October. I'm going to give it a few more runs and try to determine what I should do. I've had a lot of people tell me that I really should run the marathon next year and at least get the half under my belt. A few fellow runners have also told me to avoid it because it does too much damage to your body. BUT again, if I'm already training for the half I might as well continue to train for the full. At least get it done once in a lifetime. In the meantime...registration is filling. Yikes.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Great Debate Continues

Run Time: 50 minutes Run Distance: 5 miles Additional: 3/15 Abductors @ 80 lbs, 3/15 Adductors @ 80 lbs, 150 crunches, 50 squats

Had a pretty good workout yesterday. Despite the fairly nice weather, I decided to run inside just so that I could figure out what my distance really was. The gym was pretty empty so at least I didn't have to deal with fighting for a treadmill. It's absolutely gorgeous today but they said it was supposed to get cooler later this week. So I think I'll probably end up running outside today.

So the question you all are still wondering...Is she going to run the marathon? I apologize Chris, I still don't have an answer for you. But you are running one if I do!! I would LOVE to run the marathon and accomplish that goal a year early. And I've spoken with a lot of people about it lately. Most said to go for it. My dad, the reasonable mind, said "I think that could be a bit of a lofty goal." He also told me that he didn't really have any way of giving me advice since he hadn't ran a marathon and was not a runner. So I'm kind of stuck in between. I'm thinking that maybe I should complete my half marathon this summer and then see how it goes and maybe I can travel to a marathon. But then again, my half marathon falls right in the middle of the perfect training for a the 8 week mark. So it would fit nicely into training for the Twin Cities Marathon. I have to register soon though if I'm going to do it because registration is already half full and it just opened on Friday! Ah talk about a decision!

Anyway, Chris what do you think? Should we go for it?

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To Marathon or Not to Marathon

Sorry folks...I have no workout to report. Yesterday was hectic and somehow I managed to miss a run. I'll spare you all of the boring details. I'll just tack on an extra this weekend.

Now many of my great blogging companions posed a challenge to me run the marathon. And somehow you must have known that my original question was phrased to ask that exact question...if that was possible. I've done some further research on marathon training plans. I think it is doable. BUT...I'm going to wait until I at least have one true race under my belt. Keep in mind, I've done plenty of running...but no actual racing so far. My goal still remains to complete the half marathon. But I don't want to pay $95.00 with the knowledge that I may finish the half thinking "what did I just do?" and dread the idea of a marathon. So...I'm going to wait it out at least until I finish the 5K and maybe a 10k. But I do think it's possible and halfway likely. I mean...Oprah completed a marathon. The only other problem I foresee is the fact that right now I've got quite a full plate. To add the time commitment of training for a full marathon may be a bit much. I'm currently working full time and have classes on the weekend for my Masters, plus volunteer hours at a local school and of course the time I'd like to spend with people. BUT the classes will go away for a portion of the summer. So I could potentially have some room there. But we'll see. I'll evaluate this more in depth as I complete races.

I must get to work...ciao.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What a Beautiful Day!


What a beautiful day today! It's in the 70's here in Minnesota and the sunshine is finally out! About time!

This weekend I accomplished quite a bit. Following my great run on Friday, I managed to plead with my boyfriend to run the Race for the Cure with me. He isn't a runner so it was a bit of a struggle but he finally agreed. I had planned on getting my parents to at least walk it with me but they said that they didn't feel ready. So instead, I have successfully recruited the bf with the promise of getting him trained prior to the race so that he doesn't feel like he has to walk it. Anyway, it should be a nice short race.

So, the answer to your question Chris...I am running the Race for the Cure in May and then I am running what is called the "Lindstrom Loppet", another 5K in a small Swedish town where my parents live. I plan to get a 10K in there somewhere but I really need to do some more investigating to figure out which one I want to run.

The side stitches aren't really completely out of the dark yet. I had them a few times this weekend when doing pretty mediocre things like walking. But we'll see and hope that they don't stick around.

And now I have a question to pose. My overall goal was to run a marathon next year. But the half marathon needs to come before it. The Twin Cities Marathon is in October and I don't think there is any possible way that I could run it this year for sure. I think I'm getting ahead of myself to try to achieve that one yet. That and it's too close to my half marathon. BUT...let's say I finish my half marathon in August. The Twin Cities Marathon has a 10 miler that I could potentially run. But the question is...would I be able to run a 10 miler just 2 months post half marathon? I'm still debating. The other problems that I foresee is that it's kind of a crowded race and I hate parking in the city. It's also not exactly a cheap race to run. So I'm thinking I should maybe halt it until I can run the full marathon next year. Anyway, give me your thoughts if you have any.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Friday: 7.5 Mile Run!

Run Time: 1 Hour, 15 min. Run Distance: 7.5 miles Additional: 3/15 @ 70 lbs chest press

Friday a miraculous thing happened. I made it to 7.5 miles after 4 days of nothing but pain. My run started out with a bit of pain. I had the side stitch issue all the way through the first half hour. But I was pretty well determined to get to a good distance. I continued through the belly breathing stuff and just focused on the run. I had to keep my pace lower than what I'm accustomed to as well and I tried not to get too frustrated about it. My main goal was to get rid of the side stitch and be able to run longer. And miraculously somehow it worked. After half an hour of running, it disappeared. I upped my pace and then continued until I had completed 7.5 miles. I was pretty much on top of a mountain at the end of that run. I just hope they stay gone for my runs this week!! About time I get to enjoy those new shoes for what they are really worth.

Anyway, that was just a quick update. I'll blog more on Monday.

Friday, April 18, 2008

3 Miles of Tough it Out

Run Time: 30 Min. Run Distance: 3 miles Elipticals: 30 minutes/3 miles Lifting: 3/15 Abductors @ 80 lbs, 3/15 Adductors @ 80 lbs, 50 lateral crunches guessed it. The side pain didn't go away yesterday. BUT at least after doing my normal cycle of stretching and odd manuevers on the treadmill to try to alleviate pain, I was able to lessen it. It was still well present, but more like someone pinching my side really hard for the duration of my run rather than a knife sticking into my abdomen. So I was grateful for that. I think mainly it was because I really wanted to get a good run in and so I kept trying to tell myself that it wasn't there. You know, the whole pain is in the mind kick. Well...I think in some matter how much you tell yourself it's not still is. So I got a good 3 miles in. Nowhere near where I wanted to be...but good enough considering the circumstances. I also did some elipticals which were even causing a milder version of the pinching. This tells me that there definetly is something more to it because I shouldn't get side stitches on the eliptical. That is the one place that is like a safe zone because your body has less impact, less jiggling of the organs!

Anywho that's the status on the side stitch issue. I have added an additional race into my training schedule here. Mother's Day I will be running The Race for the Cure at the Mall of America. It's only a 5K but I really thought it would be good for my training. That and it gives me an excuse to beg and plead with my nonrunner friends and family to join me as it is a pretty easy race for them to complete as well (with a walking option).

Anyway, I'm either going to be taking it low this weekend in an attempt to repair this aching side issue or I'll be doing some rollerblading or something. And hopefully next week I can get back up to where I was a week ago!

Enjoy your runs!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The monster is back...

Run/Walk Time: 30 minutes Other: bike 15 min, eliptical 15 min, chest press 3/15 @ 70 lbs

Yesterday....was disappointing....again. Yes, the side cramp continued. It not only continued, it got worse. I started out running at a good pace, feeling great. I thought that for sure the coast was clear. Then it hit me. A small ache in the side. I figured I definetly could manage this one so I tried to do the breathing exercises. It helped for a short period of time before the pain got really sharp. Like a knife cutting into my side. So I reluctantly slowed down. Slowing down USUALLY lessens the pain. But in this case the pain got worse to the point of not being able to walk. So then I did some stretching. Walked some more, tried to get it to go away. It lessened a bit and I tried running again. Bad mistake. I then had to tough it out through a walk. I was struggling through a walk. At this point I'm really frustrated and doing everything I can just to finish half an hour with some sort of a challenge (putting incline up, etc).

Anyways I don't know what the issue is but I'm giving it until the end of this week to get resolved or I'm headed for the doc...for serious this time. Thanks Chris for trying to help me figure this one out. Here's the answer to some of those questions. I drink about 4-5 bottles of water throughout the day prior to my run. In fact, usually 1-2 bottles within the hour before. And I eat about 4-5 hours before. I'm wondering if it might be possible actually to drink too much water in this case...but I really haven't a clue anymore. I'm thinking I probably should stop with the self diagnosing and just go to the doc. But we'll see if they go away any time soon. I've talked to someone who has run many marathons and he told me that they happen with until you are fully conditioned. But I've been running on a regular basis for almost a year now. So I don't even know anymore.

Anyways, enough about the evil side cramp. I didn't get my Nano yet, but I'm still debating on whether I'll bite down and buy the Nano or just buy the wrist band when it comes out on Friday. I'm thinking the Nano would be nice to have just to be able to listen to music but I'd also like to be able to train more for races that won't allow the music. So we'll see what happens. I'm thinking the Nano actually seems like a decent investment with the programs and such.

Today I'm hoping for a good run. My mind is there, the legs are there (quite antsy actually), we'll see if the interior region is.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Attack of the Killer Side Cramp

Run Distance: Very disappointing and untrackable. Run Time: Half an hour if that. Additional: Pilates

So yesterday was rather disappointing. I was SO excited to get an outdoor run in. The weather was nice. A bit windy but I figured that it would just put a little challenge in my kick. I packed my phone and keys into my running pants (I still wasn't quite sure braving shorts was a good idea--I mean we did just have snow last week). We have wonderful trails around the area that I have been exploring on before. I always end up on some trail that dead ends in a corporate office parking lot somewhere though so I am always a little iffy on the trails. roommate had told me that if I took a right out of our apartment rather than a left, I would seek the gold mine of trails. So I took a right. And I was running for a good five minutes when all of a sudden I realize I'm lost in the middle of another apartment building's parking lot. The trail had ended in a parking lot, once again. I notice that I have made no progress as my apartment building is just across the street. I've been running in circles for a good 10 minutes by now. So then, I decide that I'm going to try a different leg of the trail. Two minutes later...guess where I am? BACK in the same parking lot across the street. So by this time I was a little frustrated. The wind was picking up and my ears were freezing. Anyway, I then found a nonpaved trail that went through some woods. I figured that might be a better bet for an adventure rather than parking lot land. Instantly when I stepped foot on this trail however, I ended up with a KILLER side cramp. And this wasn't one that could easily be controlled by breathing. This one was SHARP. So I decided to walk the trail instead. Walking normally helps the whole cramp thing. But it wasn't helping this one. It was still killing me. So after less than half an hour of fooling around outside trying to get a run in, I headed for home. Got home and put in a pilates tape. I hate pilates by the way.

I apologize that story wasn't so great. And coming from an English and journalism major, it was poorly written. But I don't really feel like doing any edits right now.

But anyway, today it's supposed to rain. And I need a good run so I'm going to be running indoors. And perhaps by next week I can really get an outdoor run in. Perhaps.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Running with Pegasus

Run Distance: 5.25 miles Run Time: 50 minutes Additional: 150 crunches, 3-15 abductors @ 80 lbs, 3-15 adductors @ 80 lbs

My new shoes proved to be one of the best purchases I've ever made. I had been running in a pair of lower end New Balance running shoes that I'd had for well over a year now. I didn't even realize that my my soreness could have been coming from the shoes I was wearing. I wasn't experiencing serious leg pain like most people seem to describe from overworn shoes. But taking a ride on my new shoes was like riding in a Cadillac. I seriously had to stop myself from doing too long of a run in the beginning of the week. My goal this week was to ease up to a longer run but yesterday it felt SO good to run in my new shoes that I just kept going. The only thing I could say felt like running on air. Kind of ironic considering I believe that's along the same lines of Nike's slogan for their air shoes. But it really did. Now my next half marathon is in August. I'm thinking I may need to buy an additional pair in July just so that my marathon running shoes aren't too worn from training prior to the big run. But I definetly would want to break them in before the big day too. So we'll see when that time comes.

Today is supposed to be really nice. My aim is to get a short run in with some interval training and some rollerblading. I love to rollerblade but I've discovered that is much more frightening as a 23 year old than it was as a 14 year old going down hills. It tends to be a bit of a stress/calming combo of a ride.

Anybody thinking about investing in the new Nike+ wrist band that comes out this weekend? I think I may go check it out. I don't have a nano for their other system and I really would like some means of checking mileage. I still have some investigating to do to solve that problem but it's looking like I may enjoy the Nike+ system better than a bulky GPS system.

Monday, April 14, 2008

New Running Kicks!

This weekend I made a grand adventure to the Running Room and bought some new running shoes. I had heard some bad things about Nike but most of them seemed meerly image issues such as "if you run in Nike's at a race you will look like a newbie". I'm not entirely sure the critics are true. The runners I talked to at the store seemed to favor Nike's air technology and said they prefer running in them. So then I took out a test run of a pair of Saucony's, Brooks, and some Nike's. I ended up purchasing a pair of Pegasus Nike's. They seemed to feel the best out of all three and that is what was important.

Tonight I plan on getting a good run in. I think it's supposed to be fairly warm outside so maybe I'll get an outdoor run in.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Start of Classes

Run Time: 30 min. w/ intervals. Max speed: 8.0 Eliptical Time: 30 min w/ intervals. Additional: 3-15 Abductors @ 90 lbs, 3-15 Adductors @ 80 lbs, 150 crunches (each side and center)

So yesterday I managed to get some good intervals in. I was pretty happy with my workout. Today my classes start for my Masters program. I'm debating on whether or not I can fit a workout in there. I get done with work at 4 pm but have to be at class at 6 pm and it's at least a half hour drive in traffic plus I still haven't gotten my books from the bookstore. As much as I really want to workout, I'm not sure that I'm going to be able to fit it in there. I'm thinking I may just have to do it tomm morning. Kind of a bummer really after I've had such a great week with my workouts.

I read some more on the side stitch issue yesterday as the belly breathing has proved to only be a temporary fix to my problem. I guess the extreme cases get a pain in their shoulder at the same time. And I just so happen to experience that sharp shoulder pain. They said that if I work my abs then it will strenghten my back and abs to make a harder "nest" for my organs. I don't usually do a ton of ab work, maybe once a week. So I figured I would at least try to pump that routine up a little bit and see if it helps. If that doesn't then I think I'm headed to the doc because I think I've maxed out my options here. I actually didn't have them yesterday but then again I was doing intervals and not running at the same pace. I also did my elipticals first so that might have helped.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Goal: Increase Speed

Run Time: 1 Hour 5 min, Run Distance: 6.25 Miles Additional Lifting: 2-12 @ 70 Lbs Chest Press

Got a pretty good run in yesterday. I'm not entirely sure why, but it's been a struggle to get to 6 miles lately. Maybe I need to adjust my other runs throughout the week to make my long run more solid. I really want to make it to 7 or 8 miles by next week. I was reading Fitness Magazine and they said that I should be concentrating more on my form and speed rather than how much mileage I get in. I'm not entirely sure that I should believe them. If I'm going to be running 13.1 miles, I'd like to get my body used to accumulating mileage.

But nevertheless, I will be trying to increase my speed today. I plan on doing some more intervals. I've discovered that intervals are a highly praised form of training in all fitness magazines and forums. This is kind of a bummer because as much as I do them, I still can't quite get to the point to where I'm like "I LOVE intervals." My body likes running at one pace because then I can just zone out and feel the rhythm of my feet. Cheesy I know. But I will admit I do like seeing how much I can push my body to run faster. Right now I'm running the 6 milers at about a 6.0 pace (10 min/mile). I would like to increase that to a 7.0 prior to my more formal training that will start at the end of May.

Oh and I'm pretty bummed about the weather here in Minnesota right now. We're expecting snow this weekend. SNOW! Yuck! In April. Enough is enough. Can we please get the sun? I'd really like to be able to get some good outdoor runs in.

I start my weekend classes on Friday. Trying to figure out how I'm going to juggle a workout in that day. I already missed one workout this week because I had to go to Orientation on Tuesday and I literally wasn't home until about 9 pm. So I really need to fit this Friday workout in somehow. I could always make up for it on Saturday morning but that I know I have a greater chance of getting it done if I'm close to my gym on Friday after work.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Abbreviated Friday's Workout: 1 hour of Running, elipticals, and bike. Additional abductors and adductors.

Saturday Workout: Dance video with a friend, Lifting on arms

Somehow I've wound up with a sore throat and I feel rather weak. But hopefully I will still be able to stamp out a workout tonight. I have kind of a hectic busy week with work. Monday and Tuesday I am training for the University's new financial system. So I am in Minneapolis instead of close to my gym in St. Paul. I also have to go take care of a few animals (my roommates and the bf's). So it's going to be interesting juggling this workout but I think that I'll make it work somehow. Tommorrow I have training as well but then I have to go to orientation for my master's program as I will start classes this weekend. It's going to be a rather stressful week but I'm determined to get some mileage in.

I am also looking to recruit people to run the Race for the Cure with me. So far I've got a lot of maybes but hopefully I'll find some more takers soon.

Friday, April 4, 2008

It's So Sunny!

Eliptical Time: 30 minutes, Run Time :15 Minutes, Bike Time: 15 minutes Other workout: 3-10 chestpresses @ 80 lbs

I didn't remember what my distances were yesterday so I'm sorry for ommitting that info. It's hard to remember them if I'm doing more than one form of exercise!

Overall I had a decent workout yesterday. I attempted to work in some variety because I didn't want to do another long run back to back. That and I decided to pack shorts for the gym that morning and I haven't actually gotten to the store to by the highly acclaimed Bodyglide so that my legs are killing from fabric rubbage by the end of my run. I should probably do that soon. I think I'll probably try to go to the running store sometime this weekend.

It's supposed to be in the upper 50's today so I'm definetly going to attempt to get a run in outside today. I'd love to take a run around the lake that is close to my work, but I'm thinking I may be driving home and running there. We'll see how the day unfolds.

I also have a workout session planned with a friend tomm morning. It should be fun to workout with someone for once rather than just staring into space on my own. Hehe.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nice Weather for a Waterlogged Girl

Run: 6 miles, Run Time: 1 Hour Additional workout: 3-15 Abductors @ 80 lbs, 3-15 adductors @ 80 lbs, 45 lateral crunches

So yesterday was pretty challenging. For some reason I was really tired at about 3 miles but I knew that I had to finish 6 and pushed on. It was pretty tough and there times when I really just wanted to call it "done" but I made it. That sounded super cheesy but it was a tough workout.

Today is supposed to get into the 50s. If it's nice enough in the evening, I may just go for a run outside. We'll see. I may at least run through Como Park and then go back and do a little bit of some strength work at the gym.

I've really been watching what I eat the last few days. I read somewhere that every pound you shed really helps out your run. So I'd like to shed about 15 pounds and hopefully that will make this training a little easier. I've bought into the Crystal Light stuff. I drink SOOO much water during the day. I think I'm up to about 4-5 bottles of water. That makes for a ton of bathroom stops. My coworkers must think I have a bladder problem. I also started keeping track of my calories on Glamour's fitness plan tool. It's kind of a pain in the butt and I'm not really a huge fan of counting calories but it has helped to keep me from eating too much. Although when I calculated my calories it said I needed to eat 2100 to lose weight. 2100! That's a whole lot of calories...I think somewhere around 1900 sounds at least a little more sensible. 1500 ideally.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A packed Gym

Elipticals: 4 miles--40 minutes Running--2 miles--20 minutes

The gym was packed yesterday. I kind of thought that it would be a little lighter because it was starting to get warm outside but I guessed wrong. I would run outside but I've become terrified of slipping on ice since I've heard a few horror stories lately that involve some pretty horrid injuries. I think I'll definetly wait for it to get a little warmer outside to ensure that I stay safe enough to be able to run my half marathon.

My workout was pretty good. I pushed it pretty hard on the elipticals because all of the treadmills were taken for a good amount of time. I did get a small run in as well. I found it a little tough to transition from a hard workout on the elipticals to jumping on the treadmill but I was pleased that my body found it challenging.

I've attained a whole new goal other than just trying to complete a half marathon. Now, I really want to try to get into better shape even before I start training in May and hopefully even better shape when I do start training. Yesterday I had a rather big discussion with someone that made me really want to work to look my best.