Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Good Runs

Friday's Run: 7 miles- 1:05
Saturday's Run: 10 miles, 1:45

So this weekend I had some decent runs. The 7 miler was an interval run that actually went pretty well. I didn't quite charge the pace as fast as I could but that's because I thought Runner's World was crazy that they wanted me to do intervals for 7 miles...and then realized that the pace was actually set to slower than I'm normally at. So I just upped the interval pace a little bit (about 8:30), just enough so that I knew I could make it 7 miles with intervals.

Saturday's run went pretty smooth. It was supposed to storm all day and I was a little wary when I woke up because there were some dark clouds in the sky. Andy, however, pushed me out the door and told me that I was going to get it done. I really wanted to do my long run Saturday anyway because Sunday I was going to be in hill land. So anyways, my run was absolutely magnificent because for once I didn't have to battle the hills. Yes, I know...I really need the hill training, but it was rather refreshing to just be able to run and not struggle through hills this time. The only worry that I really had was that the skies were getting pretty dark 1/4 of the way through my run. But I just upped the pace and ended up finishing before any serious storms took me out.

This weekend I am headed out to Kansas City to visit my family. I'll probably scout out the route for my marathon while I'm down there. It will be a little tough finding a running route but I'm sure I'll manage. I have 5 runs this week instead of 4 and so it will be interesting trying to fit them all in with my travels (we are driving down which is a nice 7 hour drive!). But anyway, hopefully all works out.

Friday, June 27, 2008

4 Milers and the 10 miler that wasn't

Tuesday: 4 miles, 38 minutes
Wednesday: 4 miles

So Tuesday's run was awesome. Got the pace up quite a bit and finished 4 miles in 38 minutes (including 2 minutes of a walk warm up). Wednesday's run...not as great. I was supposed to get my 10 mile run in. It was 85 degrees here with some really thick icky humidity. There was a little bit of a breeze so I figured I should at least attempt to brave it. I head out to Como Park in St. Paul which is a 1.6 mile loop around Como Lake. Now this can be kind of boring for a 10 mile run but I really didn't feel like hitting a million stoplights trying to get a 10 mile run in either and I had no choice but to do my run in the St.Paul area. But anyway, once I started running, I knew that I would probably be able to make 10 miles. I just kept telling myself that it is just 6 laps. And every time that nice hot breeze came by, I was like....hey Mother Nature is at least giving me some breeze. But let me tell mile 3 I had my breakdown. It's odd. I was fully prepared to run those 10 miles. I was set and my mind was there until midway through the 3rd lap when I was beat red from the heat and tired of dodging slow walkers. That's another problem with this have lots of walkers who really do like to stand in the middle of the path. I was starting to get worried about my ankles because every time I had to dodge the walkers, I'd have to leap off path because it's not really even anywhere around. But anyways, that's not the main reason I quit. I knew that my other two runs were a 4 miler and a 7 mile interval run for this week. So I let my mind win and took the 4 miler and quit with the 10 miler. I figured that it would be much easier to do my 10 miler this weekend when I can wake up early and not have to deal with the heat.

Thus is my really long boring story about two 4 mile runs. I'm getting internet this weekend! Woohoo! Have a good one.

Monday, June 23, 2008

9 Mile Run Check...Hills Double Check

Run Distance: 9 Miles. Run Time: 1:45?

So yea it did take me literally forever to finish those 9 miles on Sunday but at least I did them. I know I had received lots of advice to take the weekend off and I did halfway take it. I took Saturday off and skipped the 6 mile tempo run. My first skipped run that wasn't made up and it did make me feel a little guilty. So I made sure that I got that 9 miler in on Sunday. I was at Andy's house again...(reminder lots and lots of hills). My stomach was still displeased with me a little bit but I was bound and determined to get that run done. I even made Andy go shopping for running shorts with me because I'd forgotten to bring any and I don't really have an enormous supply. Anyways...the run went alright. It was warm but there was a bit of a breeze that really helped. I charged at every hill for the first 7 miles so I was proud of myself for that. (Like how I sugar coat the good before hitting the bad? lol) Anyways, so actually at about mile 6.5 I started to really get sick of all the hills. Almost literally. My stomach was kinda feeling a little puky. But I think that might have been because I am a smarty (not!) and hate the hassle of bringing water with me. So I don't. And what happens? Rachel is looking at every backyard swimming pool and fancy yard fountain like she's some kind of a lost woman in the desert. Anyways, my pace was pretty slow at points of this run as well. I started out about 9:30. But by the end of mile 1 and a whole heck of a lot of hills...I was creeping by. The funny thing is...I really felt like I was running fast. I was quite disappointed when I hit my I-Pod and the dude said I was only running at like 10:30 or better yet...11:00!! I think I did literally groan out loud at one point when I hit the button and heard 11:00. I blame it on the wind...and the hills. Because in the world does one typically run at about a 9:00 min/mile and then end up running at 11:00? Schnikes! But regardless...I finished the 9 miler. And my legs were doing this funky spasm thing the whole day. Not sure what that was all about. I didn't even realize it until I was looking at my legs later that night and noticed that it looked like a creature was inside of my leg. Andy then told me that he'd seen it after I finished my run earlier in the day so evidently the creature had been in there the whole day.

Congrats to all of the Grandma's Marathon finishers this weekend!! It was a hot one out there!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A 5 mile Struggle

Run Distance: 4.75 miles Run Time: Pathetic

I was starting to feel better by the afternoon yesterday so I figured I would at least attempt to hack the five miler I have scheduled later this week. Well...somehow after not eating the whole day before and only being able to stomach fruit salad that day...I was pretty much worthless in the terms of energy. I got on the treadmill (it was 83 degrees way I was headed outside after being sick!)...and I was doing alright for the first mile...not great...but not bad. The second mile I ended up with some abdominal cramping which was not at all like a side stitch. Not sure what that was about. Third mile I was walking...and then attempted running again to only feel faint. was not a good run. I finished 4.75 miles of walking/running so at least I can say I almost got the distance in despite my upchucks the day before.

I'm hoping that I can get a 9 mile run in early morning Saturday. It's supposed to be really warm and I'd like to get it done before the heat sets in.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


So yesterday my 9 mile run was postponed. Shortly after blogging to you all, I ended up with more pukage issues. I ended up leaving work, had a fever and layed in bed with an upset tummy. Today is much better, no puking thus far. I am a little queasy but nothing like yesterday. And the fever is gone...thank goodness!

Thinking I may take one of my shorter runs in today. I'm not sure my body is ready for 9 miles quite yet after yesterday.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ugh, Sick?

Yesterday's Run: 4 miles, 40 minutes

So yesterday I did get my pace up for a portion of the run. Was running at about 8:40 which isn't too bad. But anyway, for some reason I felt like I was running pretty slow at the tail end. It was pretty warm outside and the wind had died down so I was struggling for some reason.

Anyways, that's not my main concern. Woke up this morning feeling very queasy. I'm probably going to have to take work off tomm because the doctors think my mom has a tumor, but that's another story. So I didn't want to stay home and started to drive in to work. Well...about 5 minutes from my destination, I had to pull over quick because I was about to puke. Now I feel semi-better. But it kind of worries me. I'm not much of a puker and I definetly wasn't drinking last night. So I'm not sure what was going on. Anyhow, I'm scheduled for a 9 mile run later today so I'm really hoping that whatever it doesn't stick around for long.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yesterday I didn't get a run in. I was scheduled for a 4 miler but I knew that I had a rest day today so I could easily move it over. I was so tired yesterday and my sunburn was killing me. It was so bright and sunny out and I knew the heat would probably hurt the burn worse. And then I didn't have my sunglasses. So when it came down to it, the excuses won. But it looks like I'm not the only one who had excuses yesterday. Chris had a list of excuses behind a bad run...but hey at least you got a run in!

Anyways, I'm exhausted. I have this wierd upset stomach and a bit of a headache. But hopefully all will be clear because I'm setting out for that run tonight regardless! I have a 9 miler scheduled tomm.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Busy Weekend

Friday Run: 4.25 miles, 40 minutes
Sunday Run: 5 miles, 50 minutes

So my Friday run went really well. It was a treadmill run again because it is unfortunately all I could fit into my schedule. This time I was actually able to pick up pace on the TM. Hit "7.0" for a good amount of that run which of course I didn't look at what pace that was equilavent to and it's impossible to figure out with the warm up and everything. But it was faster than a normal treadmill run I know that.

Sunday, I was at my parents house. I was scheduled for a tempo run but it was more of a hill run than a tempo run. My mom told me about this great 5 mile route that she used to walk so I set out to run it. Well, she hasn't walked this in quite some time and couldn't remember all the hills. So yea...hill training #2. I may have to move that tempo run to another day because it appears that I am always somewhere that has tons of hills when I go to run it. Hills make it pretty tough to get any kind of decent speed in.

On a side note, ended up burnt this weekend. I was taking full advantage of my parents water hose and wet/dry vac and cleaning my car. Ended up with a very crisp red back. And of course I was still wearing my running top from that morning so I have funny lines (the bra top running tops that have a sort of sports bra lineage when burnt). That and I guess my old Spanish teacher now lives behind my parents. After I got out of the shower, my mom was like "Rachel come meet the neighbors, its your spanish teacher from high school." So that was cool.

Hope all of you had a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Pack

Run Distance: 4 miles Run Time: 40 minutes

For some reason my runs on the treadmill are always so much slower than running outside these days. But it was supposed to be an easy run and I was exhausted so I can't be too hard on myself here.

So I think I've accumulated a pack of people to be supporters of my marathon in KC. Exciting! My mom said that she would go and that may or may not include my dad and brothers. And then Andy is going to come with me...yay! And roommate might run with me! (She's a runner as well, our schedules just never match to run together!) But anyway, I'm excited that I could potentially have a running partner for my marathon! How exciting!

But anyways, I'm way exhausted today. My cousin Stephanie called me yesterday after I left the gym to tell me that somehow in between a flight from Seattle to Kansas City, she ended up in Minneapolis. Evidently she had a layover and then her connecting flight was cancelled. So I got to see my cousin whom I rarely get to see! Woohoo! We chatted until 1 in the AM and so therefore I am rather tired.

And it's really hot or humid or something outside today. Yucky! I think I'm using my rest day for a rest day today. I have a paper to write tonight anyhow.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Grand Decision

Tuesday Run Distance: 5.25 miles Run Time 50:00

The Run
Yesterday's run felt good but I was a little disappointed with a few things. My legs were like cinder blocks. My pace was so slow despite my great attempts at trying to get my legs to move faster. It was like my upper body and lower body weren't even attached. My upper body was saying "boring! can't you go any faster??" and my lower body was saying "Dude, I'm going as fast as I can here!" So therefore I ended up with the tortoise run again. But it was a beautiful day in the neighborhood and I can't complain too much.

The Decision (Big News!)
As soon as I muster up enough cash for the entry fee, I will be entering the Waddell & Reed Kansas City Marathon. It is October 18, which gives me plenty of time to train post half marathon. Unfortunately by the time I made the decision to run a marathon, the Twin Cities was full. My extended family is all from Kansas City so the trip won't be bad and I will have a lot more support! Woohoo! That and it kind of fits well with my charity because my grandmother was from Kansas City. I'm still debating on whether I should move my charity to the marathon or leave it on the half though. There is already another Run4NF runner at KC so that could be nice. But anyway, that is my big news. Now, Chris, you in on this one?! I hear marathon screaming your name.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Total Mileage Completed

Thursday Run: 5 miles
Saturday Run: 5 mile tempo
Sunday Run: 9 miles

Despite what I am about to tell you about how bad my 9 mile run was...I finished every single recommended run last week despite my extremely busy schedule. Now that I am very suprised by. Because last week was soooo stressful.

Anyway, the 5 mile run that I completed on Thursday was on a treadmill at the gym. It actually went alright. I finally got around to calibrating my I-Pod during this run...woohoo!

The Saturday run went alright. I remember thinking in my head that I should start rating my runs. Had I rated this would have been "mediocre". I was actually running quite well but I had so much on my mind and so much to do that I kept thinking about getting done. Then I was frustrated because evidently my I-Pod was off by quite a bit because my regular pace for my tempo run was about 8:40 which is quite a bit of a difference from 8:15. So then without really thinking about what it was going to do to my run, I went into a deep state of thinking and started focusing on how my feet and I-Pod were correlating and how to make my pace faster by moving my feet quicker. I know...crazy...because I wasn't really thinking about the fact that--Duh--this is going to make my pace faster because obviously this is how you move faster. So then I ended up with a killer side stitch because I pushed my pace a little too hard. And therefore I ended up walking midway through my tempo run for a bit. But only for a minute and I was back to running and as good as new. I was very happy to find that this time the side stitch was manageable and didn't stick with me the whole run.

Sunday, I had what I would call a bad run. I was supposed to run 9 miles and in fact did go 9 miles...but not completely running. This was my very first run in probably a year that I had to walk a portion of it. Lesson learned: Do not under any circumstances eat a grilled cheese sandwhich and fries during the day that you have a 9 mile run. I don't eat this kind of stuff on a regular basis but Andy and I went out to eat for lunch and I made a bad choice. So anyways, I ended up with really bad heartburn. Another thing I haven't experienced all that often. It really only happened when I was running and it was quite painful. And then...another hinderance...Andy's neck of the woods is like hill city. I'm pretty sure that I ran more hills during that run than I have ever run in my lifetime. By the time I hit hill # 50 I'm pretty sure I was walking every hill. This is where my walking came into play. It's one thing to run 9 miles but to run it with hills is completely different. I know that I need hill training but honestly I haven't had a whole heck of a lot of it and I was on overdose yesterday. And then the last component of my bad run yesterday...I had to make a pitstop at a park port-o-pottie. Let's just say it didn't smell pleasant inside there. However, eventually I finished 9 miles...despite the fact that it took me a whole 1 Hr and 45 min to complete it. Yikes!

This week I don't have a long run (odd I know). So therefore I will be embracing my short runs with much love and preparing for the great big one in the following week.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Instead of the 9 Miler...

So I had planned on running 9 miles yesterday but something got in the way...

My mom called and asked me if Andy and I wanted to go to the Twins game with her and my dad. So I figured I'd run the 9 miles today amid all of the other stuff I have to do today...Yikes. But we had some decent seats and I got to watch Joe Mauer for an entire 2 hours. They won (sorry if you are a Baltimore fan). Woohoo!

Here's a pic of Andy and I at the game:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ready for the 9 Miler!

Run Distance: 4.27 miles Run Time: 45 minutes

I did end up taking my Monday run off--or more like postponing it. I was scheduled for crosstraining yesterday but instead put my 4 mile run in there. My legs were still sore from roofing but I figured I'd at least give it a try. My 4 mile run went really well (despite the fact that it was on the treadmill). The leg pain went away immediately after my run so that I was really excited about. And today I am totally ready for my 9 mile run. It's rainy and gross here so I doubt it will be outside. I'm dreading the idea of running 9 miles on a treadmill but I guess you have to suck it up and do it sometimes. A good way to catch up on my news anyway...running to good ol' Brian Williams...almost as good as running with the not quite.

Going to be looking for some more races to run soon too. I'll be finishing my spring classes in a couple of weeks and will have more time to fit some races in!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Running and Roofing

Saturday Run Distance: 5 mile tempo Saturday Run Time: 40 minutes
Sunday Run Distance: 4 miles Sunday Run Time: 36 minutes

So my tempo run went well again. I picked up speed for my 3 miles in between the warm up and cool down and hit about 8:15 again.

Sunday I guess I was supposed to run 5 miles but somehow I only thought I was supposed to run 4 (didn't have my plan with me). So I was cut a mile this week.

Today, however, I may have a bit more of a problem on my hands. I'm supposed to run 4 miles. However, yesterday I was on a roof all day helping my boyfriend roof his house with his family. It was actually a good time but now I am absolutely exhausted. I really didn't even want to come to work today but I'm here. My legs are sore from standing at an angle for hours and my toes hurt pretty bad too. So thus, I don't know if I'm going to be able to muster up enough energy to get that 4 mile run in. Plus...I don't have my gym clothes with me today and unfortunately we are scheduled for thunderstorms again tonight. And you all know what happened the last time I headed out in a thunderstorm. Plus I'm a little worried about injuring myself when my muscles are clearly trying desperately to recover from the large amount of activity I put in yesterday. But the whole dilemma with putting my run off today again is that I'll have the 4 mile run tomm then and Wed is a 9 miler. I've found that I much better if I do cross training before the long runs rather than running. But I don't think I really have an option.

At this point I really am just babbling. I'm quite tired after that jam packed weekend. If I skip my run then I desperately need to go to the grocery store instead anyway. Maybe I'll take off running around the store with my shopping cart...