Thursday, May 1, 2008

The X-Training

Combined Cardio Time: 1 Hour Activities: Biking(1 mile?), Running(2 miles), and Elipticals (3+ Miles) Additional: 3/15 Abductors @ 80 lbs

So yesterday I had planned on doing some cross training. I had a good half hour on the eliptical and then attempted to do some interval training. Key word: attempted. I made it through one interval and immediately upon "slow down" the side stitch problem came in full force. So the rest of my very short run was me attempting to ignore pain.

So anyways, cross training successful. I'm supposed to be receiving my Nano soon so I'm excited for that. I'll finally be joining the Nike+ fan club. hehe.

I've found a link to some useful cross training ideas for runners. Take a look. Running Journal


chris said...

You still got a good hour of cardio in so you should not be too disappointed. Hopefully the doctor will have a miracle pill for you that will magically remove all traces of this awful stitching problem. Looks like a good link...I will check it out. I find that on most of my x-training days, I do weight training. I have been told that weight training is pretty important for runners.

EmLit said...

woohoo nike+ fan club! I have to say, I loooove that thing. There is very little that is more awesome than hearing Lance Armstrong congratulate you for a milestone after a run :)

chris said...

Tiger has been visiting me the last couple of times I have hit a milestone. You will love your Nike+ system. You won't be able to run without it!