Monday, March 31, 2008

A Snowy Spring

Run: 4 miles Eliptical: 3 miles Total Time Cardio: 50 Minutes Additional workout: 3-12 Abductor @ 80 lbs, 3-12 Adductor @ 80 lbs

It's snowing as I write this. And not just a light brushing. A thick heavy snow that looks like Christmas. Yuck. I can't wait for spring to really come so that I can run outside.

My run on Friday was pretty good. Got some intervals and brought my speed up quite a bit. Had to push pretty hard but I made it alright. I was planning on getting a Saturday run in as well but didn't quite make it. Maybe next weekend as I think it's supposed to be warm and without snow! I'd also like to make it over to the Running Room to find some new running kicks.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Eliptical Madness

Distance: 5 miles Time: 50 min Other Workout: 3-12 chest press @ 80 lbs

Took it down a little yesterday. I'm hoping to get some intervals in tonight. I think that I need to be pushing myself a little bit faster. I'm hoping that the intervals might help with that. I'm also hoping to go by the Running Room this weekend to look at what type of shoes I need to buy. I want to buy some new running shoes soon so that I can try to break them in before I start my training. I'm also looking into getting a Nano with a Nike + feature so that I can actually track some outdoor runs this spring! I've been cruising other options though just so I can see if there is a less expensive way of doing so other than taking your car out. I can't exactly take a car out on running trails so it would be nice to at least see how far I'm running in some way or another.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Pushing On

Run: 6.1 miles Running Time: 1 Hour Other Workout: 3-15 Abductor, 3-15 Adductor, 150 crunches (left, right, center)

Had a great workout yesterday. I had to push myself a bit to get to 6 miles because I was incredibly tired. I read a bit more on the side stitches yesterday and have a correction to make. You are NOT supposed to breathe shallow. Instead they suggest a "belly breathing" which is basically pushing your belly out on an inhale and in on exhale. It seemed to work pretty well through my side stitches yesterday. I still could feel them nagging at my side but the pain was less intense.

I think I'm going to take it a little bit lower today just because I read some about training for runs. It is suggested that I don't do two long runs back to back and that is what I have been doing for weeks. I think I'll try to take some advice and start doing some elipticals and the bike today. Perhaps figure out more of the weight lifting machines. Or maybe I'll do a short run with some intervals. I think that sounds pretty good too.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Side Stitches

Run: 5 miles with some walking. Time: 1 hour. Additional workout: 3-12 Chest Press @ 60 lbs

I absolutely hate getting side stitches. I really wanted to make today a longer run but my side was killing me. I've done some research on the buggers because it affects my workout at LEAST once a week. Evidently these painful cramps are caused by your diagphram hitting your liver as you run. Sounds like a joy eh? You are supposed to be able to get rid of them by :
1) slowing down (I really hate slowing down when I'm trying to reach a goal)
2) Pushing down on your liver underneath your rib cage (I haven't a clue where my liver is...but okay
3) Breathing shallow (I try this and it works temporarily)
4) Stretching the side with the stitch

So in conclusion, I went through all of the advice that I have read and none of it seemed to work yesterday. I managed to make it 3 miles without the side stitch and then toughed out the other 2. Hopefully this problem gets better or maybe someone has some sort of advice that actually helps with this??

Overall I think that my goals will be reached. I hope to run at least one outdoor run a week once it starts to get warm outside.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ready to Race

So I figured I'd start this blog up to help out those who ARE interested in my running. Those who aren't then don't have to read about it in my regular blog.

I have signed up for a half marathon finally! I will be running the Gopher to Badger Half Marathon that goes from Stillwater to Hudson on August 9th. This has been my ultimate goal for this year and I am determined to make it happen.

You can follow my training through this blog. I will be updating with my workouts and may work in some meal plans as well. I hope to share some insight into running for those are beginning to train right along with me!

Right now I am running about a 6 mile run 4 days a week. On occasion I will get side stitches and have some problems completing the run on a treadmill and will resort to doing my eliptical workout instead. I hope to get rid of this problem so that I don't have to worry about it on race day.

If you have any suggestions or advice, let me know!