Monday, June 2, 2008

Running and Roofing

Saturday Run Distance: 5 mile tempo Saturday Run Time: 40 minutes
Sunday Run Distance: 4 miles Sunday Run Time: 36 minutes

So my tempo run went well again. I picked up speed for my 3 miles in between the warm up and cool down and hit about 8:15 again.

Sunday I guess I was supposed to run 5 miles but somehow I only thought I was supposed to run 4 (didn't have my plan with me). So I was cut a mile this week.

Today, however, I may have a bit more of a problem on my hands. I'm supposed to run 4 miles. However, yesterday I was on a roof all day helping my boyfriend roof his house with his family. It was actually a good time but now I am absolutely exhausted. I really didn't even want to come to work today but I'm here. My legs are sore from standing at an angle for hours and my toes hurt pretty bad too. So thus, I don't know if I'm going to be able to muster up enough energy to get that 4 mile run in. Plus...I don't have my gym clothes with me today and unfortunately we are scheduled for thunderstorms again tonight. And you all know what happened the last time I headed out in a thunderstorm. Plus I'm a little worried about injuring myself when my muscles are clearly trying desperately to recover from the large amount of activity I put in yesterday. But the whole dilemma with putting my run off today again is that I'll have the 4 mile run tomm then and Wed is a 9 miler. I've found that I much better if I do cross training before the long runs rather than running. But I don't think I really have an option.

At this point I really am just babbling. I'm quite tired after that jam packed weekend. If I skip my run then I desperately need to go to the grocery store instead anyway. Maybe I'll take off running around the store with my shopping cart...


Alissa said...

That's the one thing I hate about training plans, you always feel guilty if life gets in the way. Don't worry about it. One skipped run is not going to hurt you. Take the day off and go to the grocery store! There, I'm giving you permission, now no guilt! :0)

chris said...

Yeah, I say just skip the run. Alissa is right--skipping a run here or there is not a bad thing.

And when you get to the grocery store, grab your cart and take off running. Make sure to wear running clothes and pin a bib to your shirt. Then, when you get to the turkey's, start jumping up and down like you won. That might draw some interest!

*jen* said...

I agree with Alissa and Chris. I know how much it sucks to miss a workout but you've been doing a great job on your workouts. Skipping this one won't hurt you. :)