Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yesterday I didn't get a run in. I was scheduled for a 4 miler but I knew that I had a rest day today so I could easily move it over. I was so tired yesterday and my sunburn was killing me. It was so bright and sunny out and I knew the heat would probably hurt the burn worse. And then I didn't have my sunglasses. So when it came down to it, the excuses won. But it looks like I'm not the only one who had excuses yesterday. Chris had a list of excuses behind a bad run...but hey at least you got a run in!

Anyways, I'm exhausted. I have this wierd upset stomach and a bit of a headache. But hopefully all will be clear because I'm setting out for that run tonight regardless! I have a 9 miler scheduled tomm.


SueBob said...

I have actually been letting myself decide which days to run each week - I don't have them set on the schedule. I know I have 3 runs to get in between Mon & Fri and 2 days I can rest/XT. That leaves my LSD and a rest day for the weekend. I figure this gives me some flexibility for those days that I wake up to rain, don't feel 100%, or just don't want to get out of bed.

Anyway, hope your 4 miler goes well...it is absolutely beautiful out there today!

Alissa said...

That stomach ache and headache are probably due to the sunburn. Try to drink lots of water - I've heard a sunburn makes it even harder to stay hydrated. You might also try an advil to take the sting off the sunburn. Good luck with you run today!

chris said...

Yuck, sorry you are not feeling well Rachel. I bunch of us have been having crappy runs lately so it must be something in the water.