Monday, June 9, 2008

Total Mileage Completed

Thursday Run: 5 miles
Saturday Run: 5 mile tempo
Sunday Run: 9 miles

Despite what I am about to tell you about how bad my 9 mile run was...I finished every single recommended run last week despite my extremely busy schedule. Now that I am very suprised by. Because last week was soooo stressful.

Anyway, the 5 mile run that I completed on Thursday was on a treadmill at the gym. It actually went alright. I finally got around to calibrating my I-Pod during this run...woohoo!

The Saturday run went alright. I remember thinking in my head that I should start rating my runs. Had I rated this would have been "mediocre". I was actually running quite well but I had so much on my mind and so much to do that I kept thinking about getting done. Then I was frustrated because evidently my I-Pod was off by quite a bit because my regular pace for my tempo run was about 8:40 which is quite a bit of a difference from 8:15. So then without really thinking about what it was going to do to my run, I went into a deep state of thinking and started focusing on how my feet and I-Pod were correlating and how to make my pace faster by moving my feet quicker. I know...crazy...because I wasn't really thinking about the fact that--Duh--this is going to make my pace faster because obviously this is how you move faster. So then I ended up with a killer side stitch because I pushed my pace a little too hard. And therefore I ended up walking midway through my tempo run for a bit. But only for a minute and I was back to running and as good as new. I was very happy to find that this time the side stitch was manageable and didn't stick with me the whole run.

Sunday, I had what I would call a bad run. I was supposed to run 9 miles and in fact did go 9 miles...but not completely running. This was my very first run in probably a year that I had to walk a portion of it. Lesson learned: Do not under any circumstances eat a grilled cheese sandwhich and fries during the day that you have a 9 mile run. I don't eat this kind of stuff on a regular basis but Andy and I went out to eat for lunch and I made a bad choice. So anyways, I ended up with really bad heartburn. Another thing I haven't experienced all that often. It really only happened when I was running and it was quite painful. And then...another hinderance...Andy's neck of the woods is like hill city. I'm pretty sure that I ran more hills during that run than I have ever run in my lifetime. By the time I hit hill # 50 I'm pretty sure I was walking every hill. This is where my walking came into play. It's one thing to run 9 miles but to run it with hills is completely different. I know that I need hill training but honestly I haven't had a whole heck of a lot of it and I was on overdose yesterday. And then the last component of my bad run yesterday...I had to make a pitstop at a park port-o-pottie. Let's just say it didn't smell pleasant inside there. However, eventually I finished 9 miles...despite the fact that it took me a whole 1 Hr and 45 min to complete it. Yikes!

This week I don't have a long run (odd I know). So therefore I will be embracing my short runs with much love and preparing for the great big one in the following week.


Anonymous said...

Well, at least you completed all the runs you had scheduled, and in the end that's what's important, knowing that you can manage a stressful week without having to miss a training day !!

*jen* said...

I hate getting heartburn during a run. For a while it was happening every time I ran. Not cool.
That's great that you finished the 9 miles and did all your scheduled runs for the week. I need to start doing the same. I admire your discipline! :)