Friday, June 27, 2008

4 Milers and the 10 miler that wasn't

Tuesday: 4 miles, 38 minutes
Wednesday: 4 miles

So Tuesday's run was awesome. Got the pace up quite a bit and finished 4 miles in 38 minutes (including 2 minutes of a walk warm up). Wednesday's run...not as great. I was supposed to get my 10 mile run in. It was 85 degrees here with some really thick icky humidity. There was a little bit of a breeze so I figured I should at least attempt to brave it. I head out to Como Park in St. Paul which is a 1.6 mile loop around Como Lake. Now this can be kind of boring for a 10 mile run but I really didn't feel like hitting a million stoplights trying to get a 10 mile run in either and I had no choice but to do my run in the St.Paul area. But anyway, once I started running, I knew that I would probably be able to make 10 miles. I just kept telling myself that it is just 6 laps. And every time that nice hot breeze came by, I was like....hey Mother Nature is at least giving me some breeze. But let me tell mile 3 I had my breakdown. It's odd. I was fully prepared to run those 10 miles. I was set and my mind was there until midway through the 3rd lap when I was beat red from the heat and tired of dodging slow walkers. That's another problem with this have lots of walkers who really do like to stand in the middle of the path. I was starting to get worried about my ankles because every time I had to dodge the walkers, I'd have to leap off path because it's not really even anywhere around. But anyways, that's not the main reason I quit. I knew that my other two runs were a 4 miler and a 7 mile interval run for this week. So I let my mind win and took the 4 miler and quit with the 10 miler. I figured that it would be much easier to do my 10 miler this weekend when I can wake up early and not have to deal with the heat.

Thus is my really long boring story about two 4 mile runs. I'm getting internet this weekend! Woohoo! Have a good one.

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