Monday, June 30, 2008

Two Good Runs

Friday's Run: 7 miles- 1:05
Saturday's Run: 10 miles, 1:45

So this weekend I had some decent runs. The 7 miler was an interval run that actually went pretty well. I didn't quite charge the pace as fast as I could but that's because I thought Runner's World was crazy that they wanted me to do intervals for 7 miles...and then realized that the pace was actually set to slower than I'm normally at. So I just upped the interval pace a little bit (about 8:30), just enough so that I knew I could make it 7 miles with intervals.

Saturday's run went pretty smooth. It was supposed to storm all day and I was a little wary when I woke up because there were some dark clouds in the sky. Andy, however, pushed me out the door and told me that I was going to get it done. I really wanted to do my long run Saturday anyway because Sunday I was going to be in hill land. So anyways, my run was absolutely magnificent because for once I didn't have to battle the hills. Yes, I know...I really need the hill training, but it was rather refreshing to just be able to run and not struggle through hills this time. The only worry that I really had was that the skies were getting pretty dark 1/4 of the way through my run. But I just upped the pace and ended up finishing before any serious storms took me out.

This weekend I am headed out to Kansas City to visit my family. I'll probably scout out the route for my marathon while I'm down there. It will be a little tough finding a running route but I'm sure I'll manage. I have 5 runs this week instead of 4 and so it will be interesting trying to fit them all in with my travels (we are driving down which is a nice 7 hour drive!). But anyway, hopefully all works out.


chris said...

Just have Andy drop you off on the highway, fill up the car--get something to eat, and pick you up 40 minutes later. Run. Done.

Ok, maybe that is a bad idea.

Damn fine pace, Rachel. BTW, how are you enjoying the Runners World plan so far?

Rachel said...

LOL Highway running...that would be rather interesting. The Runner's World plan is alright. I'm debating on whether I will continue with it for the marathon or switch it up with a different plan. Sometimes I puzzle at the runs they have me doing (i.e. 7 mile interval run) but at other times I'm quite satisfied with the challenge.

chris said...

7 mile interval run is a little nutty.