Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Longest 8 miles ever!

Run Time: 1:15 min Run Distance: 8.5 miles

So I switched my long runs to Wednesdays. Yesterday I was pumped to be getting it done earlier in the week. It's so hard to do a long run on the weekend because my mind is really back relaxing with Andy. So I figured out that I'm the most focused on the weekdays.

Anyway, I drove all the way home in rush hour again yesterday because there was no way that I was running 8 miles on the treadmill when it was so nice outside (plus I knew it was going to rain for the next few days). So anyway, the drive home was quite exhausting. I almost fell asleep at the wheel a few times. For some put me to sleep. Which really isn't a good thing when you are sitting in rush hour traffic trying to get home. But I digress. The purpose behind me telling you that is maybe to somehow suggest some sort of explanation for what happened later...

My 8 mile run was really a struggle. My legs were sore, which definetly is a first for me. I never get sore legs during my run. I'm thinking this may be caused by the fact that I needed to wear my old shoes for my run yesterday (cuz my new shoes were soaked still). But anyway, my legs did not want to move. I felt like a tortoise the entire run. Granted...according to my Nike+ I was running 9:30. Which is okay. BUT...I have a feeling my Nike+ system is a little off because I have yet to calibrate it. And I have tested it on the treadmill and it was off by a teeny bit. One of these days I need to calibrate.

But anyways, so thus the reason I ran 8.5 miles as well. I'm sure you are thinking, if she was struggling with 8...why did she go 8.5? Well it's because I was attempting overcompensate whatever goof ups my Nike+ system might have going on.

Anyways, the run was a big struggle. I was exhausted at 4 miles and I still had 4 more to go. But I trudged through and made it. I don't understand why it was so hard for me though. There are days when I can run forever (my 10 mile day). There are days when I HAVE to tell myself to stop but yesterday I was like pulling my legs and body through it.

And today...I'm sore. I had the hardest time sleeping last night. I woke up a million times despite the fact that I felt extremely tired. My muscles are so sore today. My legs feel like they are ice blocks. Ah! I hope my next long run isn't this bad!


SueBob said...

A good or bad run can depend on so many different much sleep you got, what you ate, how your day was, the weather, etc etc etc. It is hard to tell what went wrong sometimes.

jodes said...

Sorry to hear about your run! I had the same sore leg thing myself last night. I'm chalking mine up to poor nutrition that day, but who knows. Those runs suck. I hope your next run blows you away! :o)

btw, i found you via many other blogs (can't remember now). Hope you don't mind the extra random comment! Happy Trails!

*jen* said...

I must give you kudos for sticking out the last 4.5! I probably would have just surrendered to my exhausted body and mind and quit.