Thursday, June 19, 2008


So yesterday my 9 mile run was postponed. Shortly after blogging to you all, I ended up with more pukage issues. I ended up leaving work, had a fever and layed in bed with an upset tummy. Today is much better, no puking thus far. I am a little queasy but nothing like yesterday. And the fever is gone...thank goodness!

Thinking I may take one of my shorter runs in today. I'm not sure my body is ready for 9 miles quite yet after yesterday.


chris said...

You might want to rest this weekend to give your body a chance to recover. It sounds like you got something nasty. Glad you are feeling better, thought. BTW, are you still doing a full marathon this fall?

Rachel said...

Thanks Chris. And yea the full marathon is all paid for and registered for...scary eh?

chris said...

Nah, you will do great. I just couldn't remember if you had officially signed up or not. My plan, at the urging of my wife, is to stick with the half this year. I will probably try and find a marathon early in the year to run next year. I can't see myself waiting until the next October to run my first marathon. So if I could find one in April or so, that would be perfect.