Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Pack

Run Distance: 4 miles Run Time: 40 minutes

For some reason my runs on the treadmill are always so much slower than running outside these days. But it was supposed to be an easy run and I was exhausted so I can't be too hard on myself here.

So I think I've accumulated a pack of people to be supporters of my marathon in KC. Exciting! My mom said that she would go and that may or may not include my dad and brothers. And then Andy is going to come with me...yay! And roommate might run with me! (She's a runner as well, our schedules just never match to run together!) But anyway, I'm excited that I could potentially have a running partner for my marathon! How exciting!

But anyways, I'm way exhausted today. My cousin Stephanie called me yesterday after I left the gym to tell me that somehow in between a flight from Seattle to Kansas City, she ended up in Minneapolis. Evidently she had a layover and then her connecting flight was cancelled. So I got to see my cousin whom I rarely get to see! Woohoo! We chatted until 1 in the AM and so therefore I am rather tired.

And it's really hot or humid or something outside today. Yucky! I think I'm using my rest day for a rest day today. I have a paper to write tonight anyhow.

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SueBob said...

Glad to hear your marathon planning is coming will be nice to have your family there to cheer you on.