Thursday, July 10, 2008

Running and Blading

Run Distance: 5 miles, Run Time: 45 minutes

Yetersday's run pretty much rocked. I got my pace down to 9:13 on the TM (usually this only happens outside!). I probably could have done better but I was kind of afraid of pushing too far past my normal TM pace and having to slow it down. But I did end up throwing some incline in there in an attempt to do some hill training. I will tell you though, the treadmill does not appear to be a good place to do hill training. My biggest problem is usually trying to go down a hill after I've just climbed up the other side. My legs feel weaker going down after a large steep climb and it makes me a little nervous. You can't really train for the descent on a treadmill. Anyways, the run on the TM rocked yesterday and I probably could have kept running another 5 but I decided to stick to what Runner's World was telling me to do.

After my run yesterday I went home and rollerbladed with my roommate. We rollerbladed 10 miles and it really didn't feel too bad until we were zoning in on the last 3 or so. My feet started to kill me from being in hardshell boots or something. I wish I could take my rollerblades to Florida but I'm afraid that with the new luggage policies--it would probably cost me an arm and a leg to bring unneccary equipment.

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Topher said...

Hey Rachel, thanks for stopping by my blog. The VRC keeps growing, too, and I'm far behind in checking out everyone's blog. I'm far behind in most things, including running, so it's pretty much par for the course. Anyway, that's awesome that you're running KCM, too! Are you already registered? If not, just know that the cost goes up to $80 next Tuesday 7/15. Act now and you can register for the low low price of $65. The marathon will be here before I'm ready. Good luck training!