Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Antsy for Vacation

Running Distance: 6 miles Running Time: 60 minutes and some change

Yesterday I started my morning with the idea that I would do my 6 mile tempo run that afternoon. Well, by lunchtime I realized that the 6 mile easy run (combining my two 3's) was going to be best. I have a 10 miler today and it seems that if I push too hard the day before it makes for a very tough 10 miler with leg cramps and the like. I think I really need to find some new stretches because my legs seem to seize up on these back to back running days.

Anywho, I'm getting super excited about my trip to Kansas City this weekend. My cousin really wants me to run with her but I've kind of already scheduled all of my runs this week so I may end up going on a "fun run" with her this weekend. The vacation that I'm really excited for is Florida in 2 1/2 weeks! It's going to be tough finding running spots because we are right on the main strip in Daytona. I might do a beach run one morning because the sand is pretty flat down there (they roll it or something?). The bulk of my runs will probably be on the treadmill though because I'm kind of paranoid about running around Daytona all by myself for the fear of my safety. Anyways, if any of you have been to Daytona and have any great suggestions for runs or things to do--let me know! We've been many times (my parents own timeshare there) but I feel like there is always more to learn about an area.


chris said...

sometimes I get a little nervous when traveling to a new area. Generally, I just stick to the treadmill. However, you could try googling running trail in daytona. I have also called local running stores to ask questions about where to run. Geez, it is going to be humid!!

Anonymous said...

You can also check for routes on the nike+ site, maybe you find something close to where you are staying!