Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The 5 Milers

Run Distance: 5 miles, Run Time: 45 minutes

Yesterday I completed my first of 5-5 mile runs this week. Really odd that my training schedule only has 5 mile runs but I'm guessing that it is a "chill" week before I hit a hard week next week. I kind of like the structure that Runner's World gave me of having this more relaxed weeks right before they increase my mileage, but at the same time, it's so wierd to only run 5 miles every day. Yesterday my body was like "dude, why are we stopping??"

Well...that could be attributed to another reason--the long hiatus I had this weekend. I've decided that I will avoid the whole rescheduling of the schedule in order to have multi-days off again. I'm pretty sure my legs were disciplining me for my actions yesterday. I had major cramps in my right leg all day long. Or maybe not even cramps. It was like shooting pain from my knees to my ankles all day. It stopped after I ran--thank goodness! But that definetly tells me that taking my rest days consecutively like that was not good. Although, my run was great so it didn't really impact that.

Anyways, I do have a small 5k scheduled for this weekend. It is Karl Oscar Days in Lindstrom and so therefore I will be running in my hometown. The bummer part of it though--my class reunion is the night before. So I'm somehow going to have to leave that early enough so that I can arise early enough to get to the race.


chris said...

But still, 5 5 miler's will give you some good mileage for the week. 5 times a week is a lot! Not sure I could do that...

I gotta tell you, Rachel. I have considered signing up for the full marathon in October and jut not telling my wife. She really wants me to wait until next year for the full. But I am already in the 11-12 mile range. I think I would be bored continuing to run that until the half in October. So, I am secretly in training for the full! I will probably post that on the VRC website since the wifey never reads it so it will kinda be an open secret.

Rachel said...

Oh I hope you do run the full marathon!! Although I will tell you...I think your wife will eventually find out when you are hitting your 20 mile runs and are out for 3-4 hours!