Tuesday, July 29, 2008

11 Miles of Mishaps

Run Distance: 11.3 Miles Run Time: 2 Hours, 12 minutes

Yes it did take me an incredibly long time to finish those 11 miles yesterday. I will contribute it to the following:

1) I misjudged the weather after coming from Florida. What I thought was "manageable weather" really turned out to be 90 degrees and some awful humidity (so really it felt like mid-90s with the stickiness).

2) My runs in Florida were all treadmill. Somehow the pavement back under my feet was not quite agreeing with my legs.

3) Did I mention it was hot?!

4)Pain in Multiple Forms

5) Needing to use the restroom and having no restroom around!

Anyways, so I made it through the first 5.5 miles alright at a decent pace. Probably 9:00 or so. I was too focused to actually check so I can't be accurate on that estimate. It was impressive that I actually even made it that far considering my feet and legs were in pain after mile 2 (quite unusual for me). But I kept on. At Mile 5.5, I decided that maybe taking a little walking break would really help get me through the entire 11. I'd never experienced so much pain through a run before but I was determined to finish. Actually I didn't have a choice...I was 5.5 miles out from home and no cell phone. Oh and prior to this whole walking thing...I had to use the bathroom but there are no restrooms around. I walked for maybe .25 of a mile and then decided that I needed to run again. I ran for probably another half mile before feeling like I really really needed to use the restroom. Stopping for that walk probably was not a good idea. I became very thirsty as well. So not only am I needing a bathroom but I also need some water. (I know...I need to buy a hydration belt). I proceed for the next couple of miles in this condition with a walk/run combo. I started to feel really sick after awhile and ended up with a really long walk until I hit a bathroom at a gas station that was just off my trail. Used the bathroom and then realized I had no money to buy water. So I left in a jiffy and attempted to run the rest of the way home. I ended up with a few more walking pauses but at least I made it...eventually. I got home and seriously felt like puking. It was probably the worst long run I have ever had. I think my mistake began with that first walk. I usually always tell myself I can't walk because it makes it harder to run but I really thought it would help me make it the distance. I don't think I could ever be a Galloway runner. Those walk breaks kill the rest of my run. That and it didn't help that it was so hot outside and I had no water. I think I'm going to attempt to get a hydration belt before my 12 miler on Friday.

OH!! And I ended up with battle wounds! I burned my leg in Florida and it was starting to heal. Well somehow I think my sweat from my run got stuck underneath of my skin or something. I'm not entirely sure what happened. I ended up with bubbles of stuff (sweat?) all over my leg, nothing I have ever seen. And they weren't exactly poppable either. It was quite gross. They seeped out eventually and my leg has returned to normal status but it was pretty sick for awhile.


EmLit said...

That is so weird about your leg having weird blisters like that! I don't think I have ever heard of that happening--I guess maybe like you said, the sweat just got trapped between layers of skin? I once had a really bad sunburn on my shoulders and chest and it blistered while I was at swim practice but I don't know if that's the same thing or not.

Alissa said...

Oh I have DEFINITELY had that happen many times. The sweat gets trapped under the skin because the burn kinda thickens the skin over the sweat glands. I just run my fingers over it before showering. Its kinda like popping bubble wrap. I get some kind of satisfaction from it like popping pimples. Yeah I'm weird like that.

Okay now I'm going to scold you... you went on an 11 mile run in 90 degree heat WITHOUT water??? Are you insane girl? You are lucky you lived to tell about it. If you get a hydration belt go with the Nathan one - I got the amphipod and regret it. Okay now no more runs with out water!

EmLit said...

Reading Alissa's comment reminded me that I meant to scold you too! I've actually really enjoyed the fuelbelt helium and I highly recommend it. It is lightweight and I barely notice that I have it on when I am wearing it. It doesn't bounce around much at all, either. I'm surprised you made it through that run without water!

And I also finally put up my six things, per your tagging me like eons ago :p

Anonymous said...

Well, under the circumstances of the run, congratulations for completing it!!!
However... Be carefull when you are having so much pain when running, you don't want to risk getting injured!!