Wednesday, July 16, 2008

3 miler

Run Distance: 3 miles, Run Time: 28:00

Yesterday I was scheduled for a Rest day but took my 3 miler in instead so that I don't have to worry about runs right away when I get to Florida. The 3 miler went well. Followed it up with some weight training and resistance training. I had majorly bad cramps in my legs last night though so I'm not sure how that occured. I only did 3 miles so my legs shouldn't be hurting that bad.

Tonight I have an 11 miler. It is supposed to be really stormy this afternoon so I may be debating on what to do with that one. I'm going to check the forecast and see if any of the upcoming days are better in which I could get a nice solid outdoor run in. If not, then I guess it will be 11 miles on the treadmill. Yuck. AND I forgot my headphones today....oh boy that will make it tough.


Irish Cream said...

Oh my gosh--11 miles on the 'mill? I'm pretty sure I would literally die of boredom--especially sans headphones! You are a rockstar!! (and I totally wish I was as good as you about squeezing runs in on weeks when i'm travelling, playing lots of soccer, etc.)

chris said...

dear lord. 11 on the TM? Kill me now.