Wednesday, April 22, 2009

One Foot in front of the other

Tuesday's Workout: 2 miles treadmill, 3 miles eliptical, 3/15 abductors and adductors @70 lbs 
Wednesday's Run: 6 miles, Run Time: 1 Hour

Tuesday was brutal.  I got on the treadmill at the gym because we had a great deal of wind outside.  It was burning up inside of my gym so I was drenched in sweat right off the bat.  I've also had a migraine for approximately 4 days now and it seemed to show itself even worse when I was attempting my run yesterday.  I hopped on the eliptical to finish up some sort of cardio and then ended up doing a teeny bit of weightlifting.

Tonight's run went a little better.  I think I need to find a different running route or something.  I'm starting to get tired of seeing the same scenery.  It was like I was pushing myself just to finish my mileage.  I think a part of this might also be that I am running an hour later getting out of work this week because I have to volunteer at a local middle school (for my Master's program).  By the time I get home, I'm starving but I have no time to eat and digest food so I just end up burnt out on my run.  Ah, I so can't wait to be done with volunteering.  Don't get me wrong, I love working with the kids...but it is so draining to work full time, run, do homework, volunteer, and go to class.  

Anyways, tomm it is supposed to storm so we'll see whether I get a run done outside or not.  Probably end up back at the steamy gym.  


EmLit said...

It sounds like between migraines and burn out you're having a somewhat rough time. Keep running, though, it will inevitably get better! At least that what I've learned. I hope today's run is neither steamy nor burny :)

Irish Cream said...

Ugh, it has been SO hot in my gym lately too! What is up with that?! Anyway, let me tell you, you are far braver than I to be running with a migraine! Great job getting through your workouts despite the setbacks :)