Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Running Pal

Let me introduce you to my lastest running buddy:

His name is Duke, he is Andy's dog.  Actually this is a puppy picture of him and he is much larger now.  

While his pace is a bit slower than mine, I was a kind runner trying to introduce the new guy to the sport so I slowed my run down for him.  We probably made it 4-5 miles this weekend.  He definetly needed a cheerleader towards the end of the run.  I was pulling him up the hill and the only way that he would continue is if I pep talked him up.  I kept saying, "Almost home, Duke.  Don't you want to get Daddy?"  He would pick up the pace for a half a minute then and start to lag again.  Had to tell him he was a good boy to get him back up to speed.  

I think with a little bit more training, he could run the distance. 

Also bought a brand new MacBook Pro this weekend.  Should see some improvements to my blog with this new gadget.  


mle said...

Ha, ha! I run with my Doberman, Roxy, who runs much faster than me (she's definitely a sprinter) and can't believe we've already reached the end of our run when we get home. I can't imagine being the cheerleader to keep going! I think dogs can be the best of running companions!

SueBob said...

Awww, too cute! Take it easy on the guy, he is just a beginner.

The Alien said...

I love your new running partner! I've always wanted to take my dog out for a run but it would be too distracting since he just does not understand that cars are bad and it takes too much energy just to tray to keep him near me. I read a story of a guy that takes his 2 dogs to run marathons.

Congrats on your new Macbook!! and on signing for the marathon!

Irish Cream said...

Aw, what a cutie! I've always wanted to get a dog I could run with! I am officially jealous of your awesome running partner :)