Friday, January 16, 2009

Wishing I Had Toenails

You really never know how much you will miss something until it is gone. Take for instance, my toenails. Sure, at a balmy 20 degrees, you don't notice the missing hard surface from your toe. But it is quite different at -22. I didn't realize that my toenails provided a barrier for coldness to reach my tender toes until now. Now is when my toes hurt. Now is when I appreciate the toenail.

Anyways, I haven't gotten a lot of running done lately. Been spending some much needed time with Andy. I'm thinking we may head to the gym this weekend though...probably be a good thing.


SueBob said...

You are really making me look forward to the marathon with all this missing toenail talk...hahaha. They do grow back, right?

Anonymous said...

I noticed that you wrote that popping the blood from under your toenail would save it...I have proof that this is not so. I left a bloody mess on my bathroom floor this fall and still lost the toenails...maybe this helps?