Thursday, January 22, 2009

No Running in the Gym

Tuesdays Workout: 30 minutes half eliptical machine thing (the eliptical w/o the arms), 15 minutes on the bike

So Tuesday was a bit discouraging. The eliptical machines were all taken so I hopped on what I call the "half eliptical" in which there is just the leg portion and no arms. I'm not real sure what you call those machines. Maybe it is a fancy stair climber?

Anyways, I got real bored on that thing after half an hour and thought I could handle the treadmill. Instantly, my knee hurt. Much different than the pain that I used to have which was gradual. I could not run...not even one thud on the treadmill. It was quite the sad day. So then I hopped on the bike. I can't usually last real long on the bike without getting bored but I pushed to 15 minutes. Then I attempted some stretches which really hurt my knee.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to go to the doc again. I don't think it is right that my knee hurts so long after my marathon.

Hopefully I'll be dragging Andy to the gym tonight and avoiding the treadmill at all costs so I don't have another letdown.


Anonymous said...

Because of knee issues (see ITB), I did almost all my training for the first marathon on the eliptical. Mind you it was not good training, but I certainly survived when it was time to do the marathon. There's definitely something to be said for crosstraining. As for boredom, I used to make up eliptical workouts. Sprint sets, hill sets, sprinting at the chorus, heartrate sets, etc. Maybe this helps?

EmLit said...

It sounds like a trip to the doctor would be a good idea. I hope things get sorted out, I can't imagine how frustrating and difficult it must be to deal with an injury like this for such a long time.

The Alien said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're still having troubles with your knee. I agree with Em (and with you), it's time to take a trip to the doc and get that knee treated so you can get back to your normal training.