Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back to the Gym...Again

This weekend I had two workouts which were barely worth logging. I went to the gym with Andy on Saturday and figured out that the Anytime Fitness where we currently signed up was robbing us so we decided to transfer to the one out by Andy. Anyhow, Andy is a bit of a newbie at the whole gym thing so I promised him I would shorten my workout a bit. I ended up running for a half hour which equalled a little less than 3 miles. We signed up for the "orientation personal training" sessions for Monday since we both had work off.

I'm not entirely sure that I needed the extra one on one orientation to the gym. The only thing that I really got out of it was my body fat percentage. Which I guess was "average" even though I don't feel I fit in that category.

Some scary news on the old knee. My knee is hurting quite a bit to go downstairs again. I think this has to do with some lunges that the trainer had me do. Hopefully it's just a fluke and it goes away. I know there are like 8 months until Twin Cities Marathon, but it still frightens me a bit.


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your knee! Ugh that is so frustrating. We'll have to just wish each others' dumb injuries away.

EmLit said...

I'm sorry to hear your knee is bothering you again. You may be right--it could be a result of the lunges. Try to take it easy and train smart, and hopefully you will be fine!

The Alien said...

Hey Rachel! Finally managed to catch up with your blog. Hope your knee pain was just a fluke and that by the time you read this it's feeling much better!!