Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Two more for the log

Monday's Workout: 5 mile run, 15 minute bike, 3 sets of 15 Abductors, 2 sets of 15 adductors, 150 crunches

Tuesday's Workout: 4 mile run, 3-15 Chest Presses, 1-10,2-5 Shoulder lift

Yes, I'm still creeping along here. Monday's workout left me feeling pretty good. I think I've discovered a small little token to why my runs feel so difficult lately. I absolutely refuse to see the treadmill at a pace slower than 6.0. It seems that my mind still thinks that I should be running even higher than 6.0. But my body isn't quite ready for that yet after that long break. I think I could run a heck of a lot longer if I just slowed the pace down but for some reason I find myself resisting the darn down arrow on the treadmill. Hopefully it will at least push my speed up a little faster.

A new twist to throw a wrench in the whole process of trying to up my gym has now programmed our treadmills to stop at 45 minutes. Well...some of them. Monday I hit a treadmill that only went up to 45 and was quite agitated. I know...I is peak gym season and I really should be respectable to the people who need to use the treadmill. But, in my argument, I am paying good money to use that gym and I think I should be able to get my full workout in. Half an hour on the treadmill (as they post) is NOT a good workout to me. Yes...I do weight lifting and use the gym in other ways...but in addition to a solid hour of cardio. And the elipticals have been nearly impossible to snag since the start of January. Yesterday I found a treadmill that actually went up to 60 minutes but then I actually felt bad because they gym was really crowded and hopped off after 40.

I really wish January would end. I'm more than happy to see that people are actually working out--BUT at the same time...I know that more than half of them won't stick to it. Maybe we'll see a miracle winter in Minnesota--one where it ends early--and I can actually take to the roads and trails again. Highly unlikely. I know that there are some Northern readers who do run outside and I admire them greatly. I just can't stand running in those negative temps or even near zero temps. Yuck. And even when it is in the high 20's this week...I have little motivation to step on the sheet of ice that covers our sidewalks and trails.

Tonight's goal is to run 5-6 miles. We'll see...depending on whether the gym is busy or not.

I leave you with a Christmas picture of Andy, Duke, and myself.


EmLit said...

I can understand your frustration--the gym near my parents' house are set to cut you off after thirty minutes! Soooo annoying. Even if you are there during off-peak hours, you are stuck breaking your workout up into thirty minute segments. GRRRR.

Alissa said...

I used to go to an LA Fitness that the treadmills had a 20 minute limit! 20 minutes!!! Of course, I'd just restart it, until the day the trainer lady came up and told me to get off. Needless to say I am no longer a member. When I joined a new gym, they were giving me the tour and as we walked by the treadmills, the guy was quick to tell me that there were no limits on work out time. Once you had a machine you could stay all day if you wanted. I'm guessing I wasn't the only one was leaving LA Fitness for that reason!