Friday, May 9, 2008

Ready for Pink

Run Time: 35 min Run Distance: 3.75 miles Eliptical Time: 30 Minutes Additional 3/15 Abductors @80 lbs, 3/15 adductors @ 80 lbs

So yesterday was horrible for the side stitches. I had them from the time I stepped on the treadmill until the time I stepped off. I tried so hard to get them to go away but had no luck whatsoever. So I toughed it out and figured if I could at least make it to my 5k mark I'd be okay. Then I hit the elipticals and did a moderate workout there. Not real pleased with yesterday's training but I can't really do anything about it. At this point I really wish I could just push some magic button and make these stupid side stitches go away!

Anyways, this Sunday is the Race for the Cure. I think I'm at least ready for that. And then dun dun weekend I begin official training for my half marathon (as in a set schedule of distances)!!

Oh and the no internet at the apt issue is hopefully going to be resolved. We were being internet pirates up until about a month ago the pirated people figured out how to secure their network. So thus leaving us without the free usage of internet. But soon I think I've convinced my roommate that internet is essential.

1 comment:

chris said...

You're a 'net bandit! I love it! Yeah, these days it is hard to live without the net in your house.

I can't wait to here how your race goes! I am sure you will do great.

Training is starting, huh? Is it that time already? Are you going to take the next week off from running to see if that side stitch issue really is a pulled muscle. a full week off might be beneficial.