Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Monday: Eliptical intervals-30 minutes, bike- 10 minutes, 3/15 arm pull things @ 60 lbs, 3/15 chest press @ 70 lbs, 150 crunches

Tuesday: 4 mile run-35 minutes, .5 walk, 3/15 abductors @ 80 lbs, 3/15 adductors @ 70 lbs

I guess Monday was really supposed to be a "rest/x-training" day and I'm not used to this whole resting on a weekday thing so I ended up putting a lot of work into my cross training. I think I may have to readjust this schedule because weekdays seem to be so much better for me getting these things done. I know it would be better to spread my rest days out but I think they would at least be better suited towards the weekend. I have another one today and although my body is definetly telling me a rest is needed, my mind is going to tell me otherwise. I hate the idea of sitting in traffic to get home when I could be at the gym. I struggled through those 4 miles yesterday for some reason. I think it was because the treadmill I was on was near the window and it was soooo hot! That and my legs felt kind of stiff. I'm thinking the hard eliptical workout the day before did that...yikes.

Anyways, as far as that marathon's still a contemplation. I know we've been through this already. It's odd...I know I'd be ready and I really want to do it. The problem is that I don't know that I will feasibly have enough time in my day to train at that period in time. That and I kind of don't want to overshadow my raising funds during the half marathon...But I guess we'll see. I'm at least going to attempt to get in for the Twin Cities 10 mile. It's a lottery system to get in but then I could at least be involved with the whole big shindig that is the Twin Cities Marathon.


chris said...

Yeah, that is another problem with starting marathon training--the time required to do it!

Sounds like you are doing real well right now though. Even if the 4 mile was tough, it looks like you had a good pace.

When will you know if you get in to the 10 miler?

Rachel said...

Thanks Chris. The registration for the lottery for the 10 miler isn't even until July. So I'm assuming I won't know until mid-July or so?