Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A New Goal!

Run Time: 1:05 Run Distance: 6.25 miles Additional: 150 crunches, 3/15 @ 80 Abductors and Adductors

After running the Race for the Cure, I decided that I really did like the whole "running for a purpose" mentality. I saw crowds of people who were running because breast cancer had struck their family. My aunt had breast cancer and I did put a tribute tag to her on my back, but since I don't see her everyday and in fact don't see her much, it wasn't something that hit me really hard. I wasn't around to see her battle.

But there is something that strikes my family pretty hard. It is Neurofibromatosis. It is a form of a cancer that has taken the lives of my grandmother and my uncle at early ages and affected many more distant cousins and aunts of mine. It runs in the family and can also be inherited without a family tie. While they have found the gene that is affected by this disease, they have yet to find a cure.

I have decided to turn my half marathon into a fundraising event as well. I would like to reach $1,000. I believe that with a great network of runners and a family that knows this disease well, I can reach that goal. Please help if you can. Your support and thoughts are appreciated nonetheless. I now have a mental focus to complete my half marathon. I will be running with my grandmother and uncle in mind. I have added a widget to my blog to assist with donations.

On a side note:

Yesterday I ran...(drumroll please) without significant side stitches!!!! Yay!!! I did have a few very small ones in the beginning but I made it 6 miles without sharp pains!!! Woohoo!!

And yes Chris...my plan was go take it chill this week. However I ended up in a packed gym yesterday. Every single eliptical and bike was taken and I needed some sort of cardio. So I jumped on the treadmill and ended up very suprised...


chris said...

6 miles without the stitches is pretty good. Could we be spelling the end of the pulled muscle.

That is a great cause and I am sure you will hit your mark!

*jen* said...

Congrats on your stitch free run, that's great!!

Running for a cause is awesome. It gives you a great feeling. Best of luck on your fundraising. Do you have a donation page or anything set up yet?

Rachel said...

Thanks Jen! Yes, there is a link to my donation page on the front page of my main blog (on the left hand side).

*jen* said...

Good deal. Please tell me that you just added that and that I'm not blind!