Monday, September 29, 2008

More than Ready

5 miles on Friday- fast and feeling great.

Finished 13 miles yesterday with essentially low pain. I had 14 on the agenda but it started to get dark outside and so I phoned the good ol' bf and had him come pick me up. What a sweetie.

Anyways, the knee hurts today so I'll probably end up doing a little cross training today and taking it easy. I finally got the go-ahead to ice after my long runs so I guess I'll start doing that with only one more long run to go. Crazy.

Tried out the sport beans during my run. They didn't do any harm on the stomach and I finished my run without feeling completely drained. Next I will try out the Clifshot on my 20 miler. Then...I'll be tapering...finally! I can't wait to get this marathon done...bring it on!

Oh and...the hills! I did hills this weekend and didn't stop once! Woohoo!!!

Anyways, I've got a lot to do so this blog has to be short. Good luck on your runs!


Topher said...

Good luck on the 20. I'm finding that now that I'm over 16 miles, they're really all about the same. I mean what's another 4-10 miles after you've run that far, right?

SueBob said...

I am so glad to hear your knee is feeling better. Good luck on the 20 miler...WOW 20 miles!!

Irish Cream said...

Yay for your knee doing better--that is wonderful news! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that your 20 goes well too. I remember being SO GIDDY after I finished up my first 20-miler, knowing that I was officially in taper mode . . . best of luck with your run this weekend ;)

nwgdc said...

I'd agree with Topher. After 16, it's mental. Then, in the marathon, after 20, it becomes mental again!