Friday, September 5, 2008

16 Miles!!!

I did it...back on schedule! 16 miles! Woohoo! That is the longest run on my schedule that I have missed and my longest run ever! Now...I will fully admit...I probably shouldn't have...but I really really wanted to get back on track.

The first 11 miles were gravy. The weather was super cool and so I didn't get all hot and gross. It was amazing how much more energy I had in the cooler temps. I knew that the only thing that was really going to hold me back was my legs. My lungs and heart were feeling great. The last 5 miles were okay as long as I kept moving. The instant I stopped to tie my shoes or stop at a stoplight, I could feel the pain. The last 2 miles I started to feel it while running and at that point I knew I really should have been walking but I wanted that distance so I kept on. Now my knees hurt pretty bad. I did some stretching and I'm really hoping it helps. I couldn't walk down the stairs on my right knee again. I'm hoping my physical therapist sees past the obvious problems and is happy I achieved 16

Anyways, some cool things about my 16 miles:

1) I ran clear to Uptown from Hopkins. To drive between these areas would take 20 minutes (w/o rush hour traffic!) and I just ran it. I could tell when I hit the city though--ran in to some not so happy people when I accidently migrated into a newly formed "bikes only" lane.

2) I saw a cat poop on a hill in Uptown.

3) I saw a clan of kids on bikes.

4) I saw many many pretty flowers.

5) I witnessed rush hour traffic from a bridge that I ran over and laughed because for once I was not stuck in it.

Okay I thought I had more cool things but I guess I don't. That's my wonderful 16 mile run...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing 16 miles!!
Now that you've got that distance covered, remember that if you are injured you won't be able to race, take care of yourself and specially your knee.

SueBob said...

WOW!! 16 miles!! That is amazing! You better be careful with your knees though - but I am sure I don't have to tell you that.

Rebecca said...

Holy cow! That is awesome! Way to go! :o)