Thursday, October 2, 2008

Strap and the Knee

Run Distance: 5 miles

So, I ran 5 miles yesterday--on the treadmill because I needed those gym points once again. Anyways, when I first hopped on the treadmill, I forgot to put my strap on. I didn't really feel like getting back off to dig through my bag to look for it--so I kept running. Well, not even a mile into my run, my knee was doing this really odd locking sort of pain. So, now I'm worried that my improvements now rely on the strap. I mean, before the strap, I was able to run at least to 4 miles without knee pain or at least a gradual pain. I mean...yea it is GREAT that I can run painless...but tied to the strap?! I don't know...that is so less glorifying. It is like saying you can walk...but with crutches. Okay, maybe not that extreme...but seriously! Oh well, if it gets me through my marathon-then bring it on.

Anyways, today I am dreading my run. It is only 10 miles. But a 10 mile run on a weekday can make things hectic. I preferred the 5 and 6ers. One of the main reasons I can't wait for this marathon to be done--I can go back to my lovely "little" runs. They really weren't "little" back in the day. 6 is a nice number. But when you've ran looks like a "little" number. Oh boy...the waters that I swam into.

So...20 miler on the horizon...not sure which day I'm fitting that one into. My mom's bday is on Saturday but I also have a 4 hour class on Saturday. So I think I'll either run Saturday morning or Sunday morning and then just visit the parents on Sunday. Oh how I can't wait to have time back in my day! 2 more weeks!!!


Jill Will Run said...

Don't look at your strap as a "crutch" or something you are dependent upon... if it helps you keep going it is a necessary part of your running. Sometimes our bodies just don't do what we want and if we have ways of supporting things better, then we should do it. (I mean, would you run without a sports bra to help support the girls?!)

Good luck with the 10, it would be kind of hard to fit that into a weekday! Some days just 5 miles is hard to squeeze in!

SueBob said...

Great analogy on the sports bra Jill. I completely agree. If it helps with your running then it is just another piece of running gear.

But if it bothers you that much, maybe after the marathon you could step back and work on strengthening that area and wean yourself slowing off the strap? I am not sure if this is possible - just a thought.