Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just call me Rollercoaster Rachel

I don't have a run to report because unfortunately I was really really busy yesterday. But I do have some good news. My knee doesn't hurt anymore (thanks to those 2 rest days!). I spoke with the physical therapist today and explained the extreme pain I was having. He told me that I might need to go back to the doctor to have them do an MRI and/or inject me with cortizone. I told him that I would like to avoid that at all cost because I've heard horrible things about pain and cortizone shots in the knee. I told him that I think that if I just back off on those runs that follow my long run, and just deal with the pain, that I could do it. He agreed. He did push on my knee a bit and said it was definetly tissue that is sore so evidently that is good news? If tissue gets as sore as I was on Sunday, I'd hate to know the kind of pain associated with bone or cartilage damage!

Anyways, he wrapped my knee up this time, pulling it slightly to the left to try to help alleviate pain on the right side of my knee. Hopefully this helps. I'm also going to look into getting some new shoes next weekend because I think I'm probably due.

Thanks so much for all of your advice! I know that really it seems as though quitting would be the safest option right now, but honestly I think I can push through this. My knee pain is the most severe after my long runs and then goes away after a few days. The reason why I absolutely HAVE to finish this marathon?? Check here. My grandmother and uncle can't run this race because NF took their lives. If I have to walk a part of it...then I will. But I'm alive so that I can finish...for them...and those who have it today. Knee pain is nothing when you think about the pain that my grandmother went through...

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad your knee pains are gone, I hope it stays like that now, but I'm guessing the real test will be after your next long run.

I knew you were not going to give up, and I'm glad you didn't. You've worked so much for this, and it's really inspiring that you are doing it not only for yourself, but also for a cause (and a really good one!). So keep it up, just remember not to harm you, walk if you have to, crawl if you have to, but get to that finish line with both your knees still working.