Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cleared for the Long Run

Run Distance: 4 miles (Tuesday)
Run Distance: 8 miles Run Time: Unrecorded but a speed of 6.6 on TM (Wednesday)

I went to the physical therapist yesterday and he gave me some glorious news (semi-glorious). He told me that I could attempt a long run this weekend. Although, his idea of a long run was only 10 miles but he said that if I felt like I could keep running--then by all means--RUN! He also told me that I should probably do this after my ASTYM treatment on Friday. So Friday will be my long run day...and I'm sooo excited! I adjusted my schedule a bit to accomodate the change in long run today I am going to take off.

Yesterday I completed 8 miles. My quads are a bit sore today but absolutely no knee pain. Now that is good news.

Thanks to everyone for their support through all of this! Hopefully I will be back on track again soon.

Oh and btw...for all of you "summer go away" should come visit Minnesota. You would definetly get your wish-- as my very nice warm weather has been traded for some brrr! freezing mornings and afternoons. It was a mere 50-some degrees this morning!!!! For most people...they would be excited to embrace the beautiful fall weather--but I am now terrified of what follows fall--a very long cold winter. And lots of treadmill time. I've had enough of the TM with this injury...I so don't look forward to it in the winter.


Jill - GlossyVeneer said...

I don't want the 50 degree temps. I found this morning's 72 degrees a little cool for my desert blood! :-)

I'm so glad the physical therapy seems to be helping you. I also enjoy hearing about the process & progress of your PT. It seems like you pick up interesting bits of info and I appreciate you passing those on to us readers!

SueBob said...

Good luck on the long run Friday!

I am with you on the weather. It was 90 on Monday and a high in the 60s yesterday!?!? I am wondering how tough I am going to be this winter...I have never tried to run through it before but I at least am hoping to keep my long runs outside this year. We will see how long that lasts!