Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tired...Very Very Tired

Distance: 3.15 miles, Run Time: Somewhere around 28:00 (with warmup and cool down included)

Yesterday's run went pretty well. The past 2 days I've really been dragging. I'm extremely tired and it's odd because I think I've been eating fairly well. Yesterday I was pretty tired when I hit the gym for my lil 3 mile run. I figured that as soon as I got moving I'd be okay. And I was. The run was amazing and the rest of the afternoon I had enough energy left to clean my room. This morning I woke up exhausted again. I made sure I ate a nice big breakfast (per the book I've been reading) but I still feel like I'm dragging. Hopefully this goes away before the big race this weekend!

Tonight I've got a 5 miler and then tomm is my 3 miler and then 2 rest days...so at least my runs will be short enough to conserve some energy.


nwgdc said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping by! Finally...another NF runner. I'm excited to follow your training for the fall marathon. If your body is telling you to rest...REST! Doing a slow and easy 2 miler in the upcoming days may not be of any benefit (trust me! I've been injured enough) and you may be better off just relaxing a bit.

EmLit said...

You should definitely feel free to skip one of those runs if you think getting some rest would benefit you more. You are more than ready to run the half and giving yourself a break before the race is going to help more than getting in 3-5 more miles! Above all, though, don't worry--you are SO ready and you are going to do awesome!

And thanks for the book recommendation. I have had that one in my collection for a long time and had sort of forgotten about it. Now would be a good time to pick it back up!

SueBob said...

OMG - I didn't realize your half was coming up so soon! That is so exciting! You are going to do great...you have been doing a great job in your training. Have Fun - I will be looking forward to reading all about it.