Thursday, August 14, 2008


Distance: 4 miles with some walking

All I have to say is...I hope to not see any more runners on the streets running today. It makes me very very jealous. You see...yesterday I set out to do 7 miles. Yes my knee is still recovering from my half marathon but I figured I was good to go. I was able to run on it yesterday with pain only in the last mile. I had some very wishful thinking and thought I was ready to go. Well...I guess that wasn't the case.

My first 3 miles...were awesome. But at the 3.25 mark...the pain set in. I walked a bit and then decided "hey I should try running again". Took off running and was just getting into a zone when "snap!". Followed by pain of course. What is wierd though...when I started walking...the pain was only faint. So I finished off my 4 miles, hopped off the treadmill and called it a day. But now I guess I probably have to take a rest day so that I can at least get those longer runs in later. There is nothing harder than taking running away from someone who is training for a marathon. And I have to finish that marathon. There isn't another option.

Nonetheless, I'm debating on whether I should go to the Sports Medicine doc again. I don't want to be told I should stay off of it. But I also don't want to incur further injury and not be able to run at all. That and I think that if I take a rest day or two it might get better. But then if I don't go see the doc in that time, then I will be waisting even more time. But who wants to see the doc if it doesn't appear to cause agonizing pain?? It is more of like a warning flash when I hit over 3 miles. And why 3 miles? Why couldn't my knee just give me a little bit more mileage? I mean...3...come on! Hopefully though...this will be resolved soon.

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Irish Cream said...

Oh bummer!! :( Knee pain is no fun. I say definitely take a rest day or two and go ahead and see the doc . . . you don't want to gamble with a knee--trust me--ha, you kind of need them for a lot of things besides running :) And who knows? Maybe the doc will have an easy solution that will have you back running painlessly again soon. I just feel like the sooner you know what's wrong, the sooner you can take steps to correct it, you know?