Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Run Distance: 3 miles, Run Time: 29 Minutes

I know I had tons of people telling me not to run this one. But I'm kind of stubborn. I was planning on running it at the gym so then I could do some other ab work and whatnot but I forgot my socks. Got home and evidently it had just rained and there were lots of runners out. I couldn't resist going out for a run. My knees felt so much better than they did this morning and I figured I would be okay. It turned out to be a good run. I just really wanted to have that run done because it would have felt really wierd to take 3 rest days rather than 2. I think it probably is more just in my head...but having to rest for 3 days seems a bit long!

Anyways, thank you all for your advice and I hope that those of you with injuries recover soon!


chris said...

So glad to hear that your knee is fine, Rachel!

Steve Stenzel said...

What is it about seeing other runners out running that makes us what to get out there too?