Monday, March 29, 2010

The Return of My Running Partner-Duke

Some of you who have followed my blog may remember good and bad discussions about my running partner, Duke, aka "Dukas", "Dukey, "Dukas the Mukas".

This year, Andy has been riding his bike alongside me and together we have been training Duke to go the distance. This weekend, Duke broke new ground. He made it through a 6 mile run!! Granted, there was still some cheerleading to get him to the finish point towards the end. He started to lag right around the 4 mile mark and we had to keep telling him to focus.

Hopefully we will be able to get him to run even further this summer. How far do your dogs run with you?


Bob Hazen said...

The farthest mine has come with me has been a 9 miler and I had to 'encourage' him to the finish. But mostly I'll have him join me on anything under 5 miles.

Jus remember they have good and bad days also :)

俊宇俊宇 said...
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The Alien said...

I think I've run with my dog for about 2 miles, but he's old by now so it'snot the best reference.I'm sure youcan train duke to do longer distances with you, just remember that they need to stay hydrated, so if you see him panting too much and staying behind try to make him drink some water so he can keep going.