Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Wonderful Start

Tuesday's Workout: 3 miles-30 min, 150 crunches
Wednesday's Workout: 3 miles (5 x 400 intervals) 28 minutes, arm lifts

There is nothing like spring break to kickstart the running season. This week I haven't had class at all because both of the colleges that I attend are on spring break! How lucky am I? It just so happens to be Week 1 of my half marathon training as well.

I've decided to step up the training a little this year to increase speed since I am only doing half marathons. I will be following Hal Higdon's Intermediate training plan for the most part. I will be substituting a few of my slow runs with some cross training on the bike since Hal doesn't really call for cross training in this plan and that is where he suggests it fall if I integrate it.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday's runs felt amazing. I think not having class really has attributed to the great runs this week so I am a little scared about next week's runs when I am for a lack of a better way of saying it, "run down" again. But we'll worry about that day when it comes. For right now--I couldn't feel better. I had a great interval run yesterday and I'm thinking that I might actually meet my goal of getting faster this year.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here lately--in the 60's. I've gotten a few outdoor runs in and am really excited for the spring/summer where I can actually enjoy running outside!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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The Alien said...

That's perfect timing with a school break and the start of training, if you could just time your race week with the next school break, that'd be perfect!