Monday, March 15, 2010

On Your Left

Andy and I headed out for a bike ride this weekend. First, we took Duke (the dog) for a short 4 mile ride (he ran) before he got pooped out and we needed to return him to the house. It was in the 60's yesterday in Minnesota and Andy and I really couldn't resist riding just a little more so we decided to load our bikes up and head down to the Southwest LRT Trail going from Hopkins to Lake Calhoun (approx. 16 miles). All in all--it was a good ride. However, it was extremely busy around Lake Calhoun and every 30 seconds I heard "On your left" in my left ear. In fact, one time there was clearly a pack of people on my right when this woman came up behind me shouting, "On your left!" I wanted to scream back, "People on my right!!". I don't mind getting over but clearly when I don't have the option--then why shout at me to do so?

Anyways, this also brought up the point that either I am really slow or my bike is not equipped to go fast. I was pedaling at a consistent speed the entire ride in the highest gear I could (very flat trails). Everyone was passing us. Andy had to frequently coast because I was evidently not fast enough. Granted, I am still riding a mtn bike and most of them were on road bikes. Andy said we averaged about 13 miles per hour (he has a bike computer). I really don't know if that is slow--but it appeared like it was when everyone was shouting "on your left" at us.

I really do enjoy biking because it allows me to do some cross training with Andy. But I think I still tend to fare better in my old running shoes. :-)

Day 1 of half marathon training starts today!


Andy said...

Averaged only 8 mph. Max was 13mph.

The Alien said...

The bike makes a big difference on your speed, road bikes are always faster than mtn bikes, and carbon bikes are faster than aluminium bikes. So don't feel bad at all if people in road bikes are passing you.

Also, you will get faster the more you train, just like running.

Stephanie Nichole said...

Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for the suggestion! I'll definitely definitely think about it... but that will make 7 marathons in less than 2 months-- toward the end of the year (and ~20 other marathon this year) I'm not sure if I'll be quiiiite up for that. But definitely still thinking about it!!!